November 30, 2020

Men’s Bathing Suit Guide: The Best Swim Trunks for Your Guy’s Personality + Body

lands end mens swim trunks This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Mens Bathing Suit Guide: The Best Swim Trunks for Your Guys Personality + Body. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Are the days where people are wearing board shorts. If youre wearing big boxy boxy long board shorts. Theyre not gonna do your body any favors wearing a short its like women wearing clothes that are too large.
Yeah. They think well its not flattering yeah. They think well im not that slim slim shape.
So i shouldnt wear. Slim. Slim clothes.
Actually you should thats gonna accentuate the best parts of your body. Dont go for something too big youre gonna look bigger and shorter and dumpier than you ever wanna look number 35 of course. The new york giants curtis riley curtis come on out.
Curtis come on out. You handsome man. Audience applauds.
I love the colors man. You know this is deep.

lands end mens swim trunks-0
lands end mens swim trunks-0

Yeah. I think theyre really flattering. Honestly theyre really great in the tropics yup and i know theyre a bold print.
So this print is called flower power. So we are pushing a floral and anybody who watches my show you know i love a print a floral print. Too so i wanna go for something thats bold that makes a statement.
I think those are really cool yeah. But theyre not too out there cause. Were not going too short.
So. My concern is if you are super tall. Like he is way taller than me you can go for a longer cut.
If youre shorter dont go for a longer cut. Its gonna make your legs look shorter and dumpier go for a four inch inseam thats what you wanna go for okay. Now lets talk about these slides.
We love a slide slides made a real big comeback in the last couple of years. Yeah i love those john would love those theyre easy to go with you can wear them with jeans.

lands end mens swim trunks-1
lands end mens swim trunks-1

Theyre really versatile and the fact that theyre leather means that they are waterproof well you can wear them to the beach and youre not gonna feel uncomfortable. Theyre not gonna be slipping and sliding like you do find with slides. Sometimes next is christian okay so up next number 60 christian sughold audience cheers this trend is called set sail stripes.
Are the easiest print. You can wear theyre super safe so anyone out there if youre looking for a print. But you really feel nervous about going for something bold go for a stripe you can wear this comfortably.
Without feeling like youre making a huge statement with a floral go for a longer short if you are tall. He can get away with a longer short so go for seven inches seven inches if. Youre over what height though.
If youre over 510 . Oh. You can be six foot and still need something this long.
Yeah. Cause. Then youre a tall guy.
So when i say you are massive. You are so tall so you can get away with a board short but look its still above the knee.

lands end mens swim trunks-2
lands end mens swim trunks-2

If you are seeing that its below the knee. Its too long youre gonna look shorter than you wanna look and youre gonna look bigger than you wanna look the hat is something that will protect you from the sun. But also you can wear it it just looks good yeah make a pop at the beach.
You do wanna make sure that youre making an effort take a risk cause. No ones gonna be brave enough to tell him it doesnt look good audience. Laughs applauds okay last but not least we have number 37 from the giants.
Please welcome down on the end there i guess hes gonna cross over come on gw come on out with you audience applauds hi. Hi. My husband.
Loves camo. Anything that is a hot look you look good. Audience laughs.
This trend is actually called action man and its a huge trend this season. So if you wanna really push the boundaries. If you are feeling like you wanna experiment.
More go for a camo print would you wear that i would definitely wear this. Its cool right and a camo print goes with any skin tone.

lands end mens swim trunks-3
lands end mens swim trunks-3

Any age like you can wear that print easily. But it is a statement so i understand if youre concerned. However you can throw on a rash guard and just tuck it in at the front.
I love a front tuck. It it shows that youve styled it out in your way. Youve shown a bit of personality and then also aviators.
I wanna talk about shades shades are really important men. I know that its hard to find the right shade. If youve got a heart shaped face.
If youve got a square shaped face go for something like this you have a brow bar. Thats gonna accentuate your jaw. Yeah the line of the jaw go for an aviator and aviators are the most universally flattering shade.
So go with that its another way of accessorizing it puts the look together hes like a. Gi joe audience applauds i kinda just wanna see them as they are so would you let us see the shorts as they are without this real quick audience cheers just when you thought it couldnt get any better ill take that for you stay over here tan. I know i know audience cheers so this ones a 4 inch if.
You are shorter a gentleman he.s clearly above 59 . Hes tall.
But let me tell you why because we wanna accentuate his legs and again were going bold with the print. I wanna go bold with how short they are they make him look leaner and very tall loved it audience cheers. .

lands end mens swim trunks-4
lands end mens swim trunks-4

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