November 19, 2020

Mermaid Gifts | 29 Ideas for Holidays and Birthdays

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Youre looking for the perfect gift for your mermaid obsessed. Friend or just looking looking for yourself. Here is a list of 29 mermaid beam gift ideas for you and since.
It is the season of giving. I actually want to give one of the items in this list to one of you so just watch into the end to see how you can win hello friends. Im sarah engle welcome to the queendom life is what you make it so were creating our own fairy tale.
Each and every day. Speaking of fairy tales mermaids. Some honest stuff is super in your face mermaid and some of it is a little more subtle.
I will list every single one of these items in the description below with a link to where you can get it so lets just dive in item number. One this amazing mermaid. Its like a crop.
Hoodie says mermaid on the back as well you guys just saw it last video. But you guys havent seemed my favorite detail on it on the hood theres a little sea star. But that makes me really happy this is from sincerely sweet boutique.
The honeys actually one of the newest items so you guys can do one of the first happen. Theres a lot of items on this list from sincerely sweet boutique. Because they have a ton of mermaid stuff.
None of this in any way is sponsored. I bought this with my own money sincerely sweet boutique has before giving me things and i will call out which things i bought versus things they gave me. But they did not ask me to make this video anywho item number one mermaid hoodie and number two is this mermaid shell purse also from sincerely sweet boutique when they were launching their purses they asked me if i wanted one they have them in different colors.
They have the hoodie in different colors. Too they also have the option of having a chain. If you somewhere you dont want to hold it or sit.
It down item. Number. Three something i dont have yet theyre called mermaid bracelets.
Because they were just featured on the today. Show. Theyre super popular theyre from a company called mermaid pillow.
Cut. Those pillows were move the sequins back and forth make it different colors now they base. We made little bracelets to do the same thing you know how when youre in school or were somewhere.
And you just kind of need to fidget and not do something thats super. Distracting you can move the sequins back and forth. Because those are so popular make sure that you order that one early.
If you want it to be here. Before december 25th. Wave.
Number four their nail clippers.

mermaid gift ideas for adults-0
mermaid gift ideas for adults-0

And they look like little mermaid tails. Theyre even a little rose gold color. I just discovered these last night and i am going to get a pair but just something thats totally functional thank you smile to yourself the mermaid nail clippers are available on amazon and i think theyre even pretty cheap number five the mermaid passport holder this is also from sincerely sweet boutique you can see it holds your passport.
Nice inside the funny thing is i actually asked if they had a passport cover. But your point. Were actually making one right now so i was like its unique and useful and not super in your face its just a colorful passport holder.
But scales number six is this mermaid cardigan youll see shell pattern on it this believe it or not is from hot topic. Which a long time ago used to be a place that sold so much black clothing. They actually have a lot of mermaid stuff.
Its subtle enough that you can wear it to school or work up feeling like im wearing mermaid clothes number seven mermaid beth preps from a sauce. The packaging looks amazing. It basically turns your bathwater pink and shimmery.
So its kind of like a bathtime version of last videos. Unicorn popcorn. Number eight a mermaid tail stocking to get full use out of it thats probably one you would want to order sooner.
Rather than later. Unless youre just looking to get something that you have a longer next year. So these mermaid tail stockings are on etsy and the shop name is eugenie.
My system is actually coming here for christmas maybe she needs one number 9 is another sincerely sweet boutique item this shell right here is it a mirror yes. But also a light its also a power bank. So you can recharge your phone with it this thing is so handy.
And its a lot smaller than some of the gigantic power banks. And it doesnt look like a big brick last time i ordered a bunch of stuff from sincerely sweet boutique. Theyre super nice and they threw this america great stocking stuffer number ten is a beach towel mermaid.
Its more mermaid at the bottom. It says you cant rain on a mermaids parade. You see the brand down.
There is spartina four four nine they are based out of south carolina. We saw my mom and my dad and one of my sisters lives my moms always finding really really cool stuff from them. Number eleven.
Are these mermaid and paradise sunglasses. It comes in this cool wooden box this line comes from sincerely sweet boutique you could have guessed sincerely sweet booty kid give these to me it comes with this little cleaning cloth one side. It says mermaid in paradise on it and the other side is more than were made scale pattern.
It actually matches what is on the test port holder. Youre the taste inside you have these flaps. Theres scalloped on the top.
Theyre actually really nice and well made the next item on my list mermaid makeup brushes these ones i found from a place called flawless lighting theres a ton of places out there that have mermaid makeup brushes some of them are really really cheap some of them are more expensive these ones are in the middle of the road these ones here are in fact t getting cruelty free. I would like to get high a unicorn. Im thinking about making a unicorn gift guide so tell me below if thats something youd be interested in number 13.
You cant have a mermaid gift list and not have mermaid tail blankets you stick your legs in and then you have mermaid.

mermaid gift ideas for adults-1
mermaid gift ideas for adults-1

I have two different ones. They were both given as gifts to me theyre both great. I will link to a few places and let you guys know which ones.
I have number 14. I saw this and win number one its a mug win number two its a mermaid pusheen mug. When number three it is color changing if you put your whatever hot beverage.
You drink inside machine goes from being a mermaid on the beach to being a mermaid under the sea and i just think thats really really funny number 15 is a whole athletic outfit. You dont need to get all of it. But i did these are from hot topic.
Its coming over flinging sports. Bra at this cool. Fact is arielle along the band so strength comes from within.
Thats fun netting with it or over top of elviss ariel 89. A year. The little mermaid came out so mermaid scale.
They got the same matching 89. I think they were on sale when i got them so maybe you guys can get a good deal on them number 16 is the seashell collar chain from sincerely. Sleep boutique add a little something extra ive been eyeing these for a long time and eventually.
Im probably just gonna have to buy them number 17 is youre doing a mermaid gift list. If this has to be elvis i swimmable mermaid tail. Theres very expensive ones.
The one im showing here is from thin fun they still make them to your size. But theyre more reasonable if you just want something thats fun that you can go swim around and just feel like a mermaid agreed we need to do that if youre looking for something thats in the low cost item we have not my old bypass decal another sincerely sweet boutique item mermaids dont lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp a great life lesson number 19 is this aerial swimsuit from enchanted bikinis. They have basically all the other princesses to number 20 a mermaid adult coloring book from target.
If you or somebody you know needs to relax this might be the item here for you number 21. My hello. Im a mermaid shirt also from sincerely sweet boutique.
I dont remember if they gave this to me or if i bought it if they didnt give it to me. Then i would i would buy it ive learned on another video instagram snapchat or wherever whenever i do wear it people ask where i got it if youre the girl. The girl who has everything number 22 is the item to complete your collection.
The dinglehopper is a ton of these on etsy. This one here is from a shot called nicky parker designs. I just picked this one because they were selling it on a jumbo for number 23.
Is this cool denim jacket. Its from a place called dolls kill and im not sure if the doll skills or dolls. Kill.
They even have jeans that go with this number 20 for a mermaid pop socket this on the back of my phone is a pop socket you can squish it all the way down pull it out like water you can have it out. I literally just got a new one like a couple days ago here is the mermaid version. If you guys dont have a pop socket.
Theyre super handy it like youre doing musical ease.

mermaid gift ideas for adults-2
mermaid gift ideas for adults-2

If youre snapping this helps you hold your phone oh not feel like youre gonna drop. It im completely hooked on my strongly recommend pop sockets of any time number 25 is this mermaid please enter sign that i found on etsy shop. Name is the shabby shack and they have all sorts of different colors of this number 26.
Teal mermaid pumps from bad kitty the colors are really nice because little scallops in the front the scallops in the back little pearl detail. They just did a really good job with the mermaid details without it being costuming number 27. You cant have a mermaid gift list without the adorkable crop top these are in so many different colors theyre from tracy hines line.
Ive not met her in person but i assume it was her i was messaging. Im the adorkable instagram account and she was just super super nice it just makes all their stuff even better number 28. Another sparty night my little bag.
I literally carry everywhere put around your wrists whatever you need to do and go on your way as places for all of your cards and a phone pocket. It had on the front the spartina logo and its a mermaid. I think i went through three of them my mom gives me a new one like every year every two years.
Im a big fan of the subtle mermaid. Its a little more wearable lots of places. This is always appropriate were finally to item number 29.
I would think this is gonna be more of a wish list item. But i wanted to conclude the ultimate mermaid gift. This seashell bed from i dont know if its notes.
Sir cou. They have a section on their website called magical furniture. This bed is a clam shell c shell.
It is so expensive that they dont even list the price on the website. But we can all look at it and somebody out there can purchase this and we can all just live vicariously. I cant even imagine waking up every day inside of a clam shell.
If you find out how much this thing cost please tell us all and were all gonna give you a thumbs up on your comment. Because we all want to know to make all 29 of our mermaid gift lists thank you for being so amazingly supportive you guys are the best this is the time of year forgiving. I want to be able to give one of you a gift all i have to do is just tell me in the comments.
Which item from the list is your favorite and on december 14th you might win something from the list. I cannot wait to see what your favorite item like i cant wait til december 14th. And i find out who wins thank you so much for watching.
And supporting. If youre not already subscribed. Oh.
My goodness you should subscribe. Join the queen omar. We know that life is what you make it we can make our own fairytale.
Thank you guys again. Ill see you next time mimmi tale. This gif.
Lets look this gift give this gift music. .

mermaid gift ideas for adults-3
mermaid gift ideas for adults-3

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