December 3, 2020


my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you MY MAGIC MUD WHITENING TOOTHPASTE WITH ACTIVATED CHARCOAL REVIEW. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Heyyou has it going so i am just taking brucie bear out and then i i got to go to work actually. Neil and i honestly we got back yesterday day before yesterday yesterday did vlog or anything cuz. Weve just been so tired you know laughter after going on a trip.
How it can be exhausting alright so im home from work. And theres no bear hes so excited hes excited cuz. Hes no hes gonna go outside bruce.
Do the outside neil doesnt get home for another four ish hours. So im probably gonna hang out until then its 11 15 by the way and he still doesnt get home for another four hours and i probably still stay awake because im just that kind of person. I am such a vitality guys.
I i sleep in every way hahaha thats true cheers on the phone. Shes muted. But we can still hear her and i dont even remember what i was talking about oh holy we were gone you guys we totally forgot to get someone to water our plants and theyre not looking good like look at this i do a little side bruce okay.
Lets go lets go yes okay sit sit good boy usually oh you guys. This is a daily occurrence hamlet like spinning around in circles. When i take him out and attacking himself in here.
I love it it seriously makes my day every day are you guys so i wanted to just do a quick review on that toothpaste that i tried last week. You guys saw that video. Ive been using it for about a week now well a little bit longer than that i guess i used it the whole time.
I was in washington and new york and so did neil actually and i just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my thoughts. And how i felt about the toothpaste. The pros and cons and all that good stuff if you look at the front of the toothpaste.
It says. Its a peppermint flavor. There are other flavors as well i dont remember what they were but peppermint just made the most sense to me its called my magic mine whitening toothpaste featuring activated charcoal coconut oil and been a night clay i know a lot of you may have seen on facebook.
Those videos about people brushing with the activated charcoal so their teeth were looking black. What happens. With that is the charcoal actually whitens your teeth.

my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-0
my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-0

The toothpaste has coconut oil as well as been a night clay along with the activated charcoal and all three of those combined are great agents for whitening your teeth coconut oil is great for removing those toxins from your teeth the oils that are in your teeth hold on to all the toxins and coconut oil is great grabbing those toxins and then when you spit out your tooth. Paste. It it removes all of it from your mouth the bentonite clay is great for removing metals from the things that you eat it attracts metals and it absorbs them so it would remove those from your mouth and gums and and whatnot and then the activated charcoal they claim it whitens your teeth.
Its like an all natural toothpaste. So theres no foaming agents no fluoride no glycerin no toxic chemicals no cruelty triclosan. Im not sure if im saying that right no gmo and no gluten.
The ingredients are also really good i always check ingredients because i prefer to avoid toothpastes with chemicals and actually all products with any chemicals. The pros is i definitely saw a noticeable difference in how my teeth looked so they looked whiter they really didnt they looked whiter. Ive used other natural tooth paces and i found that this one really like showed a difference and a lot faster than other toothpastes.
Ive used before i used to do baking soda and lemon. Once a month to whiten my teeth. But after using this too faced.
I kind of dont feel like i need to the too faced has a great taste. I really enjoyed it and so did anil and hes actually still using regular toothpaste. A lot how regular toothpaste just has that really intense kind of clean feeling.
Thats caused actually by the chemicals. It really foams up because of the sodium lauryl sulfate and different ingredients that are in there that actually dont clean your teeth at all theyre actually very bad for your gums they rot away your skin slowly over time. The only purpose for them is actually to make it appear as if the toothpaste is working so he kind of is used to that feeling in his mouth.
But he said with this toothpaste. He really did enjoy the taste and he found that after he used it his mouth felt very clean the peppermint. Im guessing would probably be the best flavor.
But if you guys dont like peppermint you could always try one of the other flavors overall. I really like this toothpaste. Id say the only con about it is that its black.
Its messy it gets all over the sink. You kind of have to be careful. If youre wearing like color.

my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-1
my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-1

Thats the only con. I would say is you just kind of have to be careful. While youre brushing your teeth.
So thats kind of frustrating but overall. I really do enjoy the toothpaste and i would definitely recommend it it does say that for best results use with the my magic mud. Whitening tooth powder.
At night for deep clean and extra whitening. I did not do that maybe it would show better results. I did not try it but if any of you guys do please let me know in the comments.
What your thoughts are if any of you actually use this toothpaste. Please let me know what you think so i just wanted to kind of give you guys a quick. Little review on the toothpaste and let you know what i thought im thinking about getting another all natural toothpaste.
And maybe ill use the the one thats easy quick in the morning and then use this one. Where i have to be a little bit more careful at night. Thats my review.
I hope that was helpful and yeah just let me know what you guys think if you decide to try it lucy. But you want to go under the blankets go cant go no now hes too concerned about what im doing never silly bug. Ill wait till it does it again hell do it soon guess what guys neals home.
Hes playing video games. Say hey neal look. Its plan destiny look at how cute bruces oh youre so cute go sleep.
Under the blankets. Im trying so hard to capture how adorable. This is and weve wont do it well youre whispering weak you making him excited i know youre right i am.
Its my bed. Its been a super bruce filled flog. Hey mister.
We didnt miss him so much i missed you so much music. .

my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-2
my magic mud activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening-2

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