January 24, 2021

Netflix Film Cuties Exploits Children

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s happening polite society. I hope youre having a good week today werere going to be taking a look at a very controversial film which was recently so lets delve in hello. Everyone if youre here for the first time welcome to my channel.
Im alan all right lets take a look at this creepy movie cuties is a 2020 drama. That was released internationally on netflix on september 9th. The film centers around an 11 year old girl from a while the netflix summary describes them as a conservative family.
But its actually a conservative muslim family be interesting to see how islamic apologists like abdullah. Kunda and shabir ali would feel about the depiction of islam in this movie. But i digress our young protagonist is inordinately enamored by a group of very young girls who are part of a twerking clique.
The lead actresss desire to get in with the inappropriately sexually precocious underage crowd is only exacerbated when she learns that her father plans on taking on a second wife much to the consternation of both wife. Number one and our principal character. The film is much worse than even the original highly offensive netflix.
Promo poster might lead one to believe in one segment. The quintet of miners are browsing through naked photos of men and commenting on the size of male genitalia in another the elite actress uploads. A compromising photo of revulva on social media and those are just two sick examples from an obscene film loaded with lots of them well it should come as no surprise that there has been tremendous criticism from christians and conservatives on twitter.
Kyle hooton. Tweeted. Cuties just released and its way worse than anybody expected netflix just published soft core child pornography.
And theyll probably get away with it jason howertons tweet was even more emphatic. Im dead serious people should go to prison for this adding that the film lawfully defines as pedophilia at what point do we finally say enough is enough. And lets put an end to this attack on innocence in our society.
Not too long ago in the united states. There would be almost universal agreement in condemning child abuse like this. But this is 2020.
And we as a church are in an uphill battle against our culture of course. It should come as no surprise that netflix has defended the film netflix has said that the movie does the exact opposite of what its critics are claiming that it does its not sexually exploiting children at all. Its actually a social commentary against the sexualization of children.
So. The argument. Here is that the sexualization of children somehow informs people about the sexualization of children apparently.
11 year olds. Talking about male genitalia and dancing in sexually. Suggestive ways is a great way to inform people about the exploitation of children in the world.
According to netflix and the hollywood elites westworld actress tessa thompson even tweeted that she was disappointed to see the current discourse about this film sotessa is disappointed that fathers mothers and others are deeply concerned about the hypersexualization of children in our society. So she herself has become so numb of any moral compass. That she cant even see.
When children are being sexually exploited in a film. Which she lauds and praises there can be no doubt that the underage girls dancing in sexual ways in this film will be viewed with intense satisfaction by perverts and pedophiles. These are underage girls being sexually exploited for profit and netflix not only distributes this with no consequences whatsoever.
But it does so with tremendous glee and smugness heres a very important thing to keep in mind. This movie is not simply a sad story about children being sexually exploited. The film itself sexually exploits children look at the enormous discrepancy on rotten tomatoes between critics and general viewers this poll.
Pretty much sums up the perversion of the film industry. The cultural elites. Like movie critics believe that they are so much smarter and wiser than the rest of us.

a child who can adapt effectively in the face of threats is demonstrating _____.-0
a child who can adapt effectively in the face of threats is demonstrating _____.-0

But the truth is that they themselves lack any morality conscience or family values. The film critics have described cuties as a thoughtful look at girlhood in the modern era. But the apt word for it is actually vile an important point to remember is what robbie starbuck has noted the 11 year old girls who were sexually exploited filming cuties shot those scenes in front of a director.
A director of photography their parents and he lists a whole bunch of others. But heres the key point. Not one adult protected them shame on the parents of these girls shame on them.
America is truly in darkness right now. But i think one of the saddest things is that none of this even shocks. Me anymore right now hbo has a show called euphorium.
Which has similar not identical. But similar subject matter as that of cuties except. Its far far worse in its sexual content and sexual exploitation of the principal characters who are all high school students in 2019.
The california globe reported that despite hundreds of parents protesting and testifying on wednesday. The california state board of education approved highly controversial changes to the states health and sex education framework. Including teaching children about bondage pederasty sex trafficking sexual orientation and transgender and non conforming students despite all of this horror.
I have the utmost confidence that christ will continue to build his church and that the gates of hades will not prevail against him believe it or not we have a lot of similarities to the first and second century christians they were battling against similar forms of child abuse. In an early christian manual called the dedicate. The author wrote strongly against pederasty remember that the moral degradation of a society doesnt take place overnight.
It takes time to develop it began with fornication in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Then there was the gay and trans revolution. And now we are at a point in time when the hollywood elites.
Do not bat an eye in defending sexual exploitation of children in film. So we are called to be a prophetic witness in this dark. Age.
The world is going to continue to call darkness light and light darkness. The world is going to continue to celebrate sin. While we condemn and criticize him.
And we will be hated for it theres no question about that but as ive told you before brothers and sisters you have an audience of one and this may seem like an easy one people will say oh theres no way that they will normalize pedophilia. They will they will youve got the salon. Which published an article that encouraged us to be understanding of pedophilia left wing outlet saloncom.
Just published an article by a self confessed pedophile in which the author. Todd nicholson. Calls for readers to be understanding and supportive of people who are sexually attracted to children.
We have psychologists now who are stating that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation. So if were to accept pedophilia as a quote sexual orientation. What else could be considered under that umbrella so times are tough.
But christ is on his throne. And he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. Including the child exploiting supporters in hollywood ladies and gents.
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a child who can adapt effectively in the face of threats is demonstrating _____.-1
a child who can adapt effectively in the face of threats is demonstrating _____.-1

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