October 15, 2020

Never Let Gasoline Sit in Your Car Longer Than This – Fuel Stabilizer

how long does it take for gas to dissipate This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Never Let Gasoline Sit in Your Car Longer Than This – Fuel Stabilizer. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Up your engines. Today. Im gonna talk about how long gasoline can last in in your car.
Before it goes bad now modern gasoline hey. Its a mixture all kinds of things. Its highly refined petroleum.
It has various additives especially in united states. Where it has to meet certain government standards for burning and cleanness. It often has dyes in it just different manufacturers like different colors.
Who the heck knows. But most modern gasoline in the united states contains about 10 ethanol alcohol. And guess what alcohol is hygroscopic.
It absorbed water. So the water vapor in the air will get absorbed inside itll start corroding stuff inside your cars fuel system with this addition of 10 ethanol to most gasoline its an octane booster. You cant let this gas sit around for all that long or it will start to either corrode oxidate.
And it goes bad. Now the american petroleum institute. Says modern gas with ethanol especially in the united states is good for three to five months.
Just sitting there in your car. And they say. If you add fuel stabilizer into this fuel.
It can last up to a year fuel stabilizer like the sta bil can help prevent oxidation and it can also prevent gummy and varnish deposits from occurring inside the fuel system. When its sitting there and not being used because you dont want the fuel to break down through oxidation or from just natural separation of all the stuff as it sits there not doing anything not being burned modern gasoline is not made to be stuck in your car. And let it sit for two or three years and then come and start it up now if youre just storing gasoline.
And you store it in a completely sealed container. It can last the longest of all possible times. If you put a little stabilizer in it its completely sealed fill to the top youre not gonna get any oxidation and it can last actually more than a year.
But realize your cars gas tank is not a sealed system. Its got various vents in it so if you pour gas in here even with stabilizer. Its still going to have some evaporation.
Its not a totally sealed system. If you were gonna have your car sit for a really long time you could go through the trouble of getting a gas cap or plug up the gas filler with something so that it doesnt vent at all and then go through the evap system and pinch off the hoses. So theres no venting of the gas tank and it could be stored that way.
But that would be a gigantic hassle so if you really were going to store a car for years. Youd want to empty the gas tank out have all the fuel burned by running a car until it stops running so that theres no fuel in the system at all if youre gonna let it sit for years and years but lets say youre gonna let your car sit for a year or less heres what you would do first youd pour the stabilizer into your gas tank. They all come with directions for this you should put one ounce in for every two and a half gallons of fuel that youre gonna have in your tank.
Then you go to the nearest gas station and fill it up to the top and the reason you fill it up to the top is this the less air thats inside the gas tank. The less oxidation is going to take place so you want to fill in as high as you can and so theres not much air to help oxidate the fuel over time then you want to start the car and run it for about ten minutes and heres why you want to run it as soon as you have the stabilizer in there and you fill up with gas. The stuff mixes almost instantly so the tanks gonna be all mixed up.
But you need to have the stabilizer and fuel mixture in everything in the fuel pump in the fuel lines and a fuel filter and especially in the fuel injectors so that its all mixed up inside. And you dont have any raw fuel that might deteriorate and clog stuff up now when i was younger especially with motorcycles. If we were storing them theres a little screw here and we would just take the screw out and wed empty all the fuel out of the carburetor.
But you cant do that with a fuel injected system so by running the car ten minutes after you fill it up and have the stabilizer inside. Youre gonna have the fuel and stabilizer mix and everything so it wont come apart and destroy your car when its time to start it later now. Lets say you were a bad boy or girl.
And you didnt do it your car sat for a while you started up and it kind of runs bad well what you want to do is drive. It a little bit and then fill it up as fast as you can with new gas. I had a motorcycle like that years ago.
I let it sit for years without using it when i opened the cap up it smelled like turpentine. It didnt even smell like gasoline. Because all the volatile stuff had already evaporated off and in that case at least.
It was a motorcycle. So i just siphoned the old crap out of the tank put in new stuff. It ran a little rough for a while but and after the first tank was gone it went back to normal.
So now you know how long gasoline can last in your car. And since this is mechanic monday. Im giving away some of this fuel stabilizer for a chance to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube comments below and a winner will be chosen randomly by a computer.
So if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell .

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