April 19, 2021

Overwatch – How to GET out of BRONZE? [3 Power Tips!]

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You stuck in bronze. And dont really know what to do to rank up up dont give up im the outstanding proof that anyone can climb out bronze. But first a bit of a background story.
I ended up mid bronze end of 2018. I was discouraged and frustrated i didnt feel i belonged there. But i couldnt really get out so i decided to take things seriously i started my grandmaster journey focusing on training.
My mechanics studying the game always playing with little goals in mind and eventually i improved enough that after about 200 games in bronze. I finally made it out and then out of silver and now that im in gold and have accumulated more knowledge about how overwatch competitive works. I understand better why i was stuck and what exactly is that i did that made me rank up to silver so in this video.
I will tell you what are the three most important things that made me climb out of bronze three ridiculously simple actions that instantly changed. My way of playing made me better. And allowed me to win more games.
Hey guys alex here with overwatch limbo. Bringing you a true experience of the competitive mode to learn improve and grow together as better players. So.
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Like this and hit that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. But a little disclaimer first every player has different reasons for being in bronze. Some people might be new to fps or to games.
Some might just play a couple of hours a week. Some dont have the right computer or settings. And some people might just have bad mechanical skills.
What im presenting to you here is what helped me what undeniably worked for my case and made me climb to silver identify why you are in bronze and fix the problem will take you out of it and you might not even need to do what i will talk about but i can assure you that if you do the three things that i will recommend in this video. You will for sure get out of bronze alright so tip number 1 take comp seriously overwatch competitive mode is competitive. Its not quick play with a ranking system and gold guns as rewards.
Its not a place to chill. While watching a show chatting with your bros or eating a sticky pizza. The competitive mode.
Requires commitment you cant quit. When you want. It also requires.
Time games are almost twice as long as quick plays ones. And it requires composure. Because players are and its not a surprise way more toxic.
But taking comp seriously goes way further than that playing competitive means. That as a player you are looking for games that are more challenging and thrilling. The true overwatch experience is the competitive experience when two teams of the same level fight a tight and ferocious match for 20 minutes.
And the higher you go on the ladder.

how to get out of bronze overwatch-0
how to get out of bronze overwatch-0

The better. The team coordination gets and the better is the experience. Which means that when youre in comp.
You should aim at climbing at getting better and ranking up so in order to do that i changed my mindset. I decided to accept my mediocrity to stop whining because of my rank to stop blaming my teammates and start doing something about it i focused on myself on what i could do to rank up and the obvious answer is simple i needed to get better i needed to improve my aim to improve my movements to learn about the game. An in general get better at it.
And theres a tons of ways to fasten up the process and tons of things to learn. But not only you dont need that much knowledge to get out of bronze. But also knowledge and skills are useless.
If you dont take comp seriously. So what i did is changing my mindset and be more humble if i was not winning a game it was because i was not able to carry enough because i didnt use my ult properly and didnt win that last team fight because i didnt switch while i was not effective see where im going i was telling myself that if i was gold or plat level already. I would have win that game so i need to improve this and this and do better next time and when i was getting tilted mainly because of some other player picking on me and being toxic.
I would immediately stop playing comp for a while calm myself down and eventually come back to it later. But state of mind is not all i also started to play a lot more games. Because one it takes time to rank up two if you dont play consistently you will be more affected by chance there are times and days that you will hit a losing streak.
Its inevitable if you play once a week and you get unlucky then its hard to compensate. But if you play around 5 games a day like i did youll never feel that the system is broken and losing streaks are a designed plague to keep you in bronze since i set up important goals for myself check out my grandmaster journey series for more about that i also started to train every day before playing around two hours with aimbot custom games and deathmatch games. But you dont have to go to that extent you dont even have to do any training to get out of bronze.
But you do want to do a bit of warm up before launching a competitive game simply. Because a player is never performing to his full potential in the first half an hour of play. I personally would recommend at least one good hour of quick play or other arcade modes with the heroes you will play in comp before jumping into it and that is the next point taking comp seriously also means that you need to realise that you cant play every hero you need to specialise.
I have seen so many bronze and silver players profile with play time in almost every hero that is not positive flexing that is probably the main reason. Why those players dont climb. Personally.
I was playing 6 7. Heroes at first which is not even that much. But i looked at my stats and win rates and noticed that my winston.
My lucio my brigitte and my reaper were not giving me good enough results so i stopped playing them and focused on 3 heroes pharah orisa and moira one per role but in my opinion even that small pool of heroes is not the best option and comes tip number 2 main a dps after playing so many games in bronze and observing the chaos that was usually going on i realised that the winning condition was not some fancy tactic and factor like synergies counter picking or ult economy. But it was the ability of the dps to carry in bronze. The team with the better dps will win a healer or a tank cant really carry at that rank unless he starts killing.
Everyone and doesnt play his role as he should and in that case. Its just better to play a dps isnt it so. What i did is exactly that even though.
I was able to play orisa and moira at fairly decent level for bronze with positive win rate since i was clearly losing some games because my dps couldnt better the enemy dps. I decided to dps myself at least on the maps that suited pharah and no matter how many other dps. My team was running.
I basically stopped flexing that much and stopped trying to fill in for the sacrosanct 2 2. 2. Because in bronze.
It doesnt really matter.

how to get out of bronze overwatch-1
how to get out of bronze overwatch-1

What composition you run since players wont most likely stay together and cooperate. I was training my pharah a lot in custom games and deathmatch and i was also watching guides on youtube and reviewing my own gameplay in order to improve. So i was confident that i could carry my bronze games with her.
But what pushed me to slow down on the flexing and disregard the balance of the composition is that my stats were showing. I was doing really good for my rank and because my win rate with her was 68 . So yeah the easiest way to win more games in bronze.
It to be good enough with one dps and play it as often as possible pharah has hard counters. And she is not that effective on some maps. But the key thing to understand is that if you are good enough you can carry with any dps in any given situation.
Im not good enough to getting away with it if theres. Widow ashe and dva. On the enemy team.
But surely. A plat player would still carry in bronze. No matter.
The opposition so get really good at one dps and stick to it as long as you are performing well and it will definitely help you climb out of bronze. Thats great and all. But what if for some reason you cant manage to get good results with your dps.
Maybe your aim is bad. And youre not getting enough kills and doing enough damage. So you might think that you are not skilled enough to play dps and you should play only heroes that dont require much aim like mercy moira or winston and thus have a hard time to climb.
But its also possible that you are not playing in good conditions. And that impacts greatly your performance therefore tip number. 3 optimise your settings.
If you take comp seriously. As you should you already know that you cant allow yourself to get disconnected in the midst of a battle not only it will likely result in a defeat. But depending on the nature of your disconnection.
You might even get penalized and lose 50sr. So theres no nice way to say this. But dont play comp.
If you have an unstable internet. A computer that crashes frequently or some power surges. One problem a month is fine once a week is not remember you are not the only one affected by a disconnection your team will be too there are a few steps to optimise your settings and i will not go into the details since it would take too much time and there are heaps of other videos dedicated to that specific subject.
But i will tell you all the aspects you should look into and what i have done that really changed my in game performance. So when thinking settings optimisation probably what comes to mind first are the games settings. But you should also consider your environment while playing the hardware you are playing with and your computer settings.
A good example of bad setting. Would be someone who is playing on a random computer in a pc room with a lot of noise and people bumping into your chair with cheap mice and headset slow hardware unstable network and without any flexibility for software optimization. I personally started in that kind of environment and obviously it didnt work out well.
When i got myself a powerful computer with a nice gaming mouse and headset.

how to get out of bronze overwatch-2
how to get out of bronze overwatch-2

And i started playing within the same controlled environment. All the time things got so much better. Already then to go even further.
I studied and chose the best mouse sensitivity for myself. And tweaked. My computer.
And my game. To improve my gaming conditions that last change actually made a massive difference by optimising. My computer and games settings.
Like i explained in my first journey update linked in the cards up here and the description below my accuracy increased by 8. Overnight thats hugea game changing tweak. I assure you i was finally able to hit those targets consistently and moving around smoothly and that literally took me to a whole different level or should.
I simply say rank so i strongly recommend you to invest some time. And maybe some money to upgrade your hardware improve your environment. And optimise your settings as best as you can if its not already done.
I guaranty. It will have a concrete impact on your performance your self confidence and your ability to rank up. Okay quick recap to wrap this up how to climb out of bronze.
First take comp seriously have the right mindset be humble always try to improve yourself warm up enough before every session specialise in a few heroes play enough matches and stop. When youre tilted second main. A dps choose one damage character that you are comfortable with train.
It as much as possible get good at it and when ready almost insta lock. It disregarding the balance of the team finally third and last tip. Optimise your settings from your environment.
To your overwatch video options dont leave anything to chance. And make sure you are in the best conditions possible to play the game. Follow those three simple steps.
And you will surely make it out of bronze note that these advices go hand in hand with the natural goal of every competitive player. Which is to get better at the game. Admitting that you already have acknowledged that to rank up you need to improve as a player then these tips will prove themselves useful and for beginners who want to learn the basics of overwatch.
I left a few links of good starter guides in the description below if you got out of bronze. Im really curious about what you did to do so did you just play. Until you got better or did.
You use some kind of method share your experience for all the other bronze players in need in the comment section. Below. And that would be it for today.
If you enjoyed the video and want more content like this one make sure to leave it a like it really helps the channel growing and keeps me going also if you havent done. It already consider subscribing and hitting that bell icon to be notified of all my future content. And here is the best comment of the last video thank you so much for watching and as always remember losties lose sr.
Not your mind tip of the day set up a daily routine for yourself that fits your schedule. Including warm up practice vod reviews and study sessions not only you will get yourself ready for comp. But you will also improve at a faster pace remember consistency is key in order to climb try it on and let me know if it works for you .

how to get out of bronze overwatch-3
how to get out of bronze overwatch-3

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