October 15, 2020

Personal Selling – Concept and Process

what is the first step in the personal selling process? This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Personal Selling – Concept and Process. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Students in your last session. You learn that there are different types of customers each each customer is different and how to wow them you also learn that to make sale you should treat him or her with lots of love and care often when you go to buy something sales professionals come forward to help you they explain the features of the product. And if possible demonstrate it and even offer attractive discounts other times salespeople knock on your door to sell products like water purifiers and vacuum cleaners.
This is called personal selling it is the oldest selling technique. But extremely useful even in todays world even when the world is moving to word ecommerce. Some situations like sales of high end luxury products or the sale of a new concept or service will need personal selling today.
We will understand this technique of personal selling better with the help of mini story. This is the story of many a young and enthusiastic girl. Many works for a publishing house and her job is to sell childrens educational books and cds.
However. Shes not getting enough sales. Oh my sales are dipping.
I am. Trying really hard. But hmmm with that thought in mind.
Mini consults.

what is the first step in the personal selling process?-0
what is the first step in the personal selling process?-0

A friend and takes up a training session on personal selling in the training program. Mini learns all about personal selling and also the six steps in the personal selling process step. 1 prospecting step 2 pre approach step 3 approach step 4 presentation step 5 close step.
6 follow up now lets look at how many used personal selling process to increase her sales step. 1 prospecting. In simple terms.
Prospecting is the process of looking for and identifying the people who may buy your product or service. Now many her neighborhood pretty well she identified all the houses around her locality. Which had children and created a spreadsheet with details like house number owners name etc.
This list became her potential customer pool or customer base step. 2. Pre approach.
This stage involves the collection of relevant details before approaching the customer you can carry this out on new customers as well as on the existing ones. And thats exactly what many did the key word here is relevant details so she collected information such as how many children ages of the children timings to approach them and added it all to her excel spreadsheet step. 3.
Approach before talking to the customer.

what is the first step in the personal selling process?-1
what is the first step in the personal selling process?-1

Its important that we decide how we will sell what will we see this is our approach you can use the fab technique to craft your approach. Fab stands for features advantages and benefits. Many prepared her sales pitch by focusing on the important.
Features. The books and cds. Such as the interactive format use of multimedia.
Rich graphics. And so on the advantages of learning through these using the pocket size. Which would let you carry books anywhere the speed at which children learnt basic maths and english and so on finally.
She added. The benefit. Which was a whopping 20 discount.
Only for her first 100 customers and valid only till the end of the month step. 4 presentation after days of hard work now was the time for the actual presentation. Many felt much more confident because she knew she had done her homework she decided on a date and targeted to make a presentation to at least two customers on the first day on monday morning.
She set out to the first house.

what is the first step in the personal selling process?-2
what is the first step in the personal selling process?-2

She wrote her favorite black blazer. She felt nervous in the beginning. But as she delivered her well prepared presentation.
She saw her customers showing interest suddenly. She started enjoying herself in the second meeting she got her first order living step. 5.
Closer she then closed her first deal with necessary formalities and as promised she offered a 20 discount to the customer step. 6. Follow up many did not stop there she followed up with her customer to check.
If he liked her books and cds. And also took feedback from him. She took the feedback positively this way she was able to establish trust with her customer.
Remember happy customers means more customers hmm. So did you enjoy mini story. Did you notice how the personal selling process helped her sell her books you can also try this method to get sponsors for your college program or when you become an entrepreneur in the next activity.
Your facilitator will help you experience personal selling in the class. So lets get some practice in class. Later you can show off your selling skills to your friends and family outside the class happy selling .

what is the first step in the personal selling process?-3
what is the first step in the personal selling process?-3

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