November 25, 2020

Picking The Right Training Gloves – Coach Rob – 3STRONG

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s going on guys rob three strong here today i want to talk about your your hands more importantly how to protect your hands and how to get good grip have im going to show you right here. I have these wonderful little calluses right here even onto my knuckles kind of on my palm and on my fingers. Here.
I am. One of those guys that just without any gloves goes grabs a heavy barbell and lifts. It up over my head does deadlifts and all this crazy stuff does pull ups.
I dont mind having these calluses. But to be perfectly honest not everyone wants these rough rugged hands. Okay a lot of women dont want that they dont want to shake somebodys hand and have essentially these guy hands right here so what do we do you can get exercise gloves.
If you dont want the calluses. Theres a way to protect your hands and training gloves are obviously. The best way to go so what we want is the protection and like i said.
But also the grip because for the most part. If you want to go without gloves. And you work out in a major health club.

under armour weight lifting gloves-0
under armour weight lifting gloves-0

Theyre not too keen on the whole chalk thing because for the most part it gets everywhere. It can get on you it gets on the equipment and its just a mess that they dont want to clean up so its not really recommended im lucky because i have my own gym. And i let i we have a chalk bucket.
And i let all my clients use chalk if they need it because i find that thats preferable. But some people dont want these calluses. The chalk is not going to protect you from calluses.
Its only going to improve your grip. Thats it when your palms are sweaty so if you want the protection from the calluses. We need to look for the gloves okay.
One of the most popular ways to go is this kind of half glove half fingers right here. The leather palm is very good very very durable. It has great grip the half fingers.
Im personally not a huge fan of them. But especially with these aside aside from that notice how theres no velcro wrist. Wrap.

under armour weight lifting gloves-1
under armour weight lifting gloves-1

So theres nothing really holding this onto my hand. Notice. How if i pull this the glove starts to slide that is something that i really want to bring up when youre looking for gloves.
Dont worry yes you want the leather on the outside you want this to be gripping. But you not only want the glove to grip whatever youre holding you want your hand to grip the glove the inside of the glove. If this is smooth your hand is not going to grip that even when you sweat.
This is like a nylon kind of elastic spandex. I dont even know what the heck this thing is even if my hand sweats. Its not going to grip this glove.
So guess where that glove is going to go loop off my hand and into the garbage because im not going to use that piece of crap anyway something like this this is awful these are cheap gloves. You can probably get em at target or walmart or some of this is made by reebok. This isnt even leather.
This is felt theres no theres no velcro on the outside. So this isnt going to stay on your hand and on the inside. Its soft felt so thats not going to grip your hand.
Its going to fall off and im just going to put that into the garbage.

under armour weight lifting gloves-2
under armour weight lifting gloves-2

This one is a little bit better now we have the leather panel on the palm. Very nice we have the little velcro strap. But notice the wrong hand this velcro doesnt go over the wrist.
So i look i look like eddie murphy in the 80s. But this may hold on kind of it can still slip off of my palm here. But let me look on the inside lets see what this glove has on the inside vu nevada.
This is actually leather on the inside. So its the same its just one piece leather on the outside with an extra leather panel on the top which is great and then you have suede on the inside. So the leather.
The nice thing about that is guess what happens when you sweat. When your palm sweats and you need that grip it will grip. It will stick to the inside of that glove so thats okay your palms are going to get sweaty totally fine you want that palm to grip the inside of the glove and leather on the inside is going to do that for you the only issue with this one is that you know that velcro strap isnt low enough on the wrist to hold the glove onto your hand still a better option.
Though what i found to be the best gloves. Honestly arent exercise gloves theyre batting gloves. These you can get at any sporting goods store.
Its its a full length full finger full glove.

under armour weight lifting gloves-3
under armour weight lifting gloves-3

If the glove. Dont fit you must quit so look at this full leather palm all the way down one piece. If you do in kettlebell work.
The kettlebell handle slides nicely if youre doing all that stuff. This is very thin. Also so you still get the feel of the bar.
Itll protect against those calluses. Plus that wrist strap goes all the way down below the palm on the wrist. So this sucker isnt going anywhere.
This is locked in the other nice thing. Lets check the inside to make sure that that glove is going to stick to your hand. And guess.
What yes we have suede leather on the inside because this is one thin piece of leather here. So this is absolutely going to stick to your hands. Sometimes you have to go outside the fitness department to find a better option and thats batting glove.
So to get that protection to get that grip check out these batting gloves guys you might actually like it see you tomorrow .

under armour weight lifting gloves-4
under armour weight lifting gloves-4

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