December 3, 2020


how to pack a punch in revelations This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you REVELATIONS PACK A PUNCH GUIDE (HOW TO PAP REVELATIONS) CoD BO3 Zombies Guide & Walkthrough. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys. Mr. Waffles here this is going to be your super straightforward guide to activate activate the pack.
A punch machine and actually use the damn thing in revelations. Ok. I want to start off by showing you the altar in the spawn.
Because this is one of the four altars that youre going to need to activate in order to actually get to the pap so what youre going to do for each of these. 4. Rituals is come to the back of the altar hold square on it everything will be blue and then the ritual will begin youll have about 20 seconds or so that you need to survive in the ritual itself and youll get some keepers.
Maybe you might get some of those black sort of walking things.

how to pack a punch in revelations-0
how to pack a punch in revelations-0

And then once the ritual is done they will wipe. They will all die out naturally. You dont need to kill them yourself.
Theyll just die out naturally. And youll have completed that area you can also check your progress on this little board here and this will show you which areas you are yet to do so in this video. The first thing.
I recommend you do is going to be the spawn one because its in the spawn of course. The next one im going to show you is going to be via the origins area so go all the way through the origins area and then enter the mob section of the map. And once youre there.
There is another ritual table for you to do another ritual at so do that then another one that youll find is via the spawn.

how to pack a punch in revelations-1
how to pack a punch in revelations-1

This time. Were going to go from the spawn to shangri la. So were going.
The other way. Rather than to origins. Were going to shangri la.
Were then going to go through shang to de and theres another ritual table here which youll see me doing the ritual for now so as you can see a lot of stuff spawns in i kind of banana around to just avoid it instead of actually killing it because i cant be bothered to kill these things and waste my ammo instead. Im just gonna survive the ritual. Thats going to be completed and then the final one im going to show you the final ritual table that you need to access is via the de area this time so were going to go via de to kino.
Were then going to go via kino to this jump pad here and that jump pad is going to let us go to the verruckt area.

how to pack a punch in revelations-2
how to pack a punch in revelations-2

And that is where the last ritual table is going to be now by all means you can do them in any order. But this just happens to be the locations that ive shown you in this order in this video. So that now is out of the way hopefully if youve done all 4 of the rituals.
And what youll notice is each time you do a ritual. What it will do is it will give you a portal into the nook taran. Totin area.
Which is in the sort of central hub of the map okay so you go through the big red portal. You teleport to knocked and then when youre there youll notice that theres a big metal panel and once youve done all the rituals. All the lights on that panel will be green.
This means that you are ready to go to the pap area.

how to pack a punch in revelations-3
how to pack a punch in revelations-3

But you have to wait for the big apothic on squid demon monster thing to come past and youre going to zap. It once its coming past with this machine here with the tesla coils so hold square once its coming past you will zap. It assuming youve already done all four of your rituals.
And then youll be able to go down. These stairs here because as you can see the boxes fly out of the way and you can enter the beast itself once youve entered the beast. All you need to do is go towards the pack.
A punch area and there are three sort of stems attached to where the pap is youre going to want to shoot those three stems and once you do that the packer punch will fall from its enclosure down into the belly of the beast and you will be able to pack a punch iva. Mr. Roth waffles this has been a very straightforward guide to get the pack a punch unlocked on revelations hopefully youve enjoyed it leave a like if you have done and ill see you next time bye bye.

how to pack a punch in revelations-4
how to pack a punch in revelations-4

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