November 25, 2020

Review: Lifeproof Fre iPhone 6 Case (White)

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Youtube. This is andrew today with a product review of a product. I really do do enjoy a product.
I use every day. I am of course talking about the fre case for the iphone 6. The one i have is in white and this actually is my everyday everyday phone case.
I very much enjoy it ive had it for a few months now and i actually thought i talked about it a little bit. Theres not much relate to say about an iphone case it does this job. Its supposed to protect your phone and this does that to the best extent.
Ive had with any case. Ive dropped this phone multiple times. Ive potentially scratches up phone up multiple times in this case is definitely protected.
It as you can see there is a pretty bad drop right there and the phone. Just absorbed. All the impact for the phone case.
Sorry absorbed. All the impact for it there was a scratch here that you know kind of bothers.

white lifeproof case iphone 6-0
white lifeproof case iphone 6-0

Me because on the case. But whatever better on the case. Then on the phone and overall.
It this phone is this case. Sorry is just really great for the iphone 6. I bought it on amazon for 30 as you know the new iphones are starting to be announced or talked about the old cases start to go down in price.
And so i did not pay the retail 80 for it i did pay around 30 for it and for that price. It is more than worth it im gonna be keeping this one around for quite a while so you know having a nice case for it is definitely worthwhile. Now.
Im just gonna talk a little bit about how this case has hold up over the past few months. And about a couple components of the case. So you can see the case of kind of sleek as far as waterproof cases go here is a penny for reference on how thick the case is so you know it definitely does add bulk to the phone.
But you know what case doesnt i dont understand how phone theyre just getting thinner and thinner and that seems to be the priority. When literally everybodys just slaps. A case on it that just makes it bulky again seeing that it with the with the case on it it does make it a little hard to reach certain areas of the phone sometimes.
But there is definitely a trade off in that youre sacrificing a little bit of reach on your thumb in order to get basically maximum protection on your phone is so nice to be able to go out stay in the rain or into a pool or without having to worry about your phone being damaged by the water now it does accomplish this waterproof seal by having a rubber outline along the case as well as having the case basically shut on itself around the edges in order to access the. Ports there are two of them on the bottom this little 35.

white lifeproof case iphone 6-1
white lifeproof case iphone 6-1

Jack cover that spins out like that you can see has a little rubber seal on it and the unfortunate part about this is that the only way to use any kind of headphone is to use the adapter and screw that part in you only get one in the box. So if you lose it you pretty much have to buy one on ebay or whatever. But when that when that adapter is screwed in their phone.
Remains waterproof. Now. Theres a second option.
And thats to use the apple. Earbuds or ear pods. The ones that came with your phone.
Because thats actually thin enough to fit right in and as far as i know those are the only like mainstream earbuds that actually work with this phone. Having the adapter now the second port is the charging port and you can see its actually kind of thin. The unfortunate part about this one is that a lot of chargers that youll find that a third party wont be able to fit in it.
All the apple chargers fit. And if you go to five below you can find many other six foot and three foot charging cables that will fit in here. But just know that there are a lot of cables that are fatter that wont be able to charge your phone with this case on it the reason for this little slit on the side is so that you can lift it up to take off the back panel of your phone case.
You of course want to have this open for that otherwise well get caught. And thats how you access your phone.

white lifeproof case iphone 6-2
white lifeproof case iphone 6-2

There is a power button on this side and of course your volume control and ringer on this side now something to keep note about the rubber finish on the sides. Although it feels great keeps that waterproof seal. Nice.
It is kind of susceptible to ripping as you can see with the volume wringer all the times that ive turned it on and off has actually taken a toll on it now. I dont think that goes all the way through so i think the phone for the most part is still waterproof and also at the bottom from taking off this cover. So much you can see it has eaten away at the rubber part right there so i mean this phone does still feel waterproof.
Ive never actually just dumped it in a pool or thrown into a pool or a glass of water or whatever in order to just test it because you know just because i can but for things like rain it definitely still keeps a waterproof seal. Very nicely something unfortunate actually didnt get to note in my previous recording of the video is that although like i said i had never really submerged my phone in water and like a pool or anything this piece as i thought this little hole on there actually does connect into the phone. So i did actually wind up getting water in my phone a little while after filming the video.
However for basic tasks like washing your phone or you know having a thrown out in rain. Which is basically the farthest extent of waterproof. I take my phone into its still fine just keep in mind that this is prone to ripping.
And once it does you do lose that waterproof seal now of course youll remember your iphone 6 does have a fingerprint reader and that is still fully functional you can still unlock your phone. Very easily through this and there is absolutely ive ran into absolutely no problems with that feature it works as if its not even there. The screen itself is also pretty nice you got to get used to not being able to touch your physical screen.
And you know if thats a problem. They do have a another case to fix that is called the iphone the lifeproof iphone 6 nude case and that is also a waterproof case.

white lifeproof case iphone 6-3
white lifeproof case iphone 6-3

But that youre able to touch your phone screen directly the reason. The way it does that is just by having a seal around the outside of your screen. I just didnt think that was necessary and it was also more expensive.
So i went with this model now while there are many good things about this case. There are a couple downsides like i mentioned before the only earbuds that will really work with it are the apple earbuds unless you have the adapter handy on you which just turns into an inconvenience over all that and the fact that the rubbers tends to start to rip a little bit over all this volume ringer is pretty hard to turn. Which is what caused the rubber to rip you got to also keep in mind that it goes opposite.
So if you press it down your ringer turns on and if you lift it up your ringer goes off speaker. Obviously gets muted from being covered in a waterproof seal. However if you open up the charging port actually makes it a little bit better.
But overall this sound is still fine especially when youre on a call you know that your mic is still perfectly clear. Ive had no complaints with people ive called so overall. The sound situation isnt too bad the final downside.
I figured out while using my phone is that although in the youtube app. It is easy to fullscreen your video. It is pretty hard to get the specific corner of the phone sometimes that allows you to revert it back without using the lock rotation of course isnt that exclusive to youtube any app that requires a very specific press on a corner might not work as well as you wanted i have not had too much experience with other like troops unit cases such as the nude or the iphone either free or nude cases with the battery packs in it however when it comes to this phone case itself.
I would definitely recommend this it is my go to phone case like i said i wear it on my phone every day. I havent changed it for months. And its just been very good to me.
If you have any questions. Please dont hesitate to let me in the comments below and ill see you next time thanks for watching. .

white lifeproof case iphone 6-4
white lifeproof case iphone 6-4

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