November 25, 2020

ROBLOX Build A Boat For Treasure. HOW TO BUILD A CAR [Tutorial] Very Easy!

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you ROBLOX Build A Boat For Treasure. HOW TO BUILD A CAR [Tutorial] Very Easy!. Following along are instructions in the video below:
And what is up everybody welcome back to another video today in this video. I i want to show you guys how to how to build a car and build boat for treasure. Now.
I know i already made a video on this a long time ago in the past. But the video didnt go too well and basically what happened was the music was super loud. But i got a lot of views and i wanted to redo it because i want to do better than what i did in the past so im gonna be showing you guys how to build a car.
Im a little for treasure. No building your car available for treasure is super easy. In fact thats probably way easier than you think.
And this is how you do it so on the car package cost. 900 gold ok. So the way you can buy.
It is going to shop. And then going to the little chest right here.

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-0
how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-0

And then youll find this right here click buy and now you own the materials and objects to build a car alright guys. So here. We go lets get to the part where we start building the car.
So heres how you do it alright. So you have all the materials to do it and then here is what you do ok so you get out any material that you want and then place down objects kind of like i guess just like this that works. And it doesnt really matter the length as long as you use the correct like way that you put on the wheels and stuff.
So heres what you do alright. So you get the wheels and you gotta put this one kind of like its on a regular car and then have it kind of face outwards. So you know itll actually drive so just this will actually make it kind of like you know move forward.
But we want to make it steer. So thats where the servos come in so put the servos like this so. Its like half on the top kind of like that you guys you guys see that its kind of like its kind of its kind of hard to explain.
But look how its kind of like on there okay and then you want to do the same thing. But the other way on the other side and then once you have done that get your wheel and then put it under like this so and then you leave a little gap.

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-1
how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-1

Right here kind of like that so it has to look just like this all right so. If youre confused. Dont worry just wait a little bit until right now.
And this if you are having troubles and make sure pause your video right now and make sure that your wheels. Look like this on the front okay. So thats how you start that out right so now go over here and then go right here.
And you can build off as much as you want i mean you can put the last wheels right here. Oh maybe even right here. But it probably want to be a good idea for you well i like to leave more space all right so now heres what you do you need to get your back wheels right here and then put it on the back now it doesnt matter how many blocks back you go.
Yeah. That doesnt really matter so now that youre done with this its not over yet okay. Now you need the car seat alright.
So you need to put down the car seat and then this will actually connect the wheels and make it move so. If you use any other seat kind of like this one.

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-2
how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-2

It will not work you have to use the car seat which comes in the car package now after you have done this you can add springs to your wheels. So you can do this and then imagine this block like right here under the spring is a wheel and you can like have a little bit of suspension. So its pretty its not very useful.
But i think its mainly for looks and for fun and now from here you can add more cute car and right now i might add like a little spoiler to the car. Which is like its kind of like the wings that you see on the back of a car and you could really add as much as you want to the back of the car or to the front or the sides because as long as you have the wheels like this youre good alright and here we go so thats it right there. So now.
When you get in your car and press. Go you can now drive your car around and it works very well you can steer it around into other peoples places maybe mess with them maybe if your friend or someone wont let you on the team you know when you want to switch to their little island. You can just go into the little area and just like mess around and stuff.
And its actually pretty useful. But the issue with it is that the wheels break very easily so. This is where i get to the info about this so this is actually very useful so if you just came to learn about how to make the cars make sure not to leave yet because this has to do with the info on you know the cars so as you can see when you go through here it breaks it very easily and you guys will see how easily the wheels break by when they break just buy a couple rocks actually hitting them now yep just like that and that wheel is gone and you know even the servos that last.
Very long so thats why its very good to put blocks around your wheels to make sure that they are protected. But either way even if you lose one wheel.

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-3
how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-3

You should still be fine. But it depends on which way you want to steer so if you want to go this. Way you know like oh gosh yeah.
Sometimes that could happen. But theres a few ways you can sear. But once you lose the the wheels in the front that steer you kind of lose.
The privilege to actually be able to move around now guys. That is exactly how you build a car and build a boat for treasure. Remember you can add as much as you want on to it you can add.
These little springs onto the little wheels and stuff so they can move around better. I dont really know i mean it doesnt help it move around better it just looks cooler. And then you can like put a block up here and then you can like sit all the way up here.
I dont know its pretty fun. But yeah guys if this helped you out make sure to drop a like and also check the description. Because theres a lot of useful things in there you can buy my merch you can also you know join my discord servers.
So yeah guys i think i got so much watching wherever if this helped you out make sure like maybe subscribe and ill see you guys all later goodbye everybody music .

how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-4
how to build a car in build a boat for treasure-4

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