December 3, 2020


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Hi. Everyone and welcome back to my channel. I am happy to be here with with you guys as i always need but today.
Im in an especially good because we got snow here in the bay area. Which is so fun so awesome. We never get snow and we didnt get snow like right at my house or anything.
But we do have mount diablo near us. And to drive up to the top of mount diablo is about a half an hour from us. So we took a little half hour drive this morning and got to go see some snow and that was just super.
Exciting more for me than dominic. Because he hated it his first time seeing the snow and he wanted nothing to do with it i even had him all bundled up all nice and warm and cozy and he still was just like breathing. I think he ball hands were just so cold that he did not like it he didnt want anything to do with it he wanted to get back in the car and go bye bye.
He kept saying that back in the car back in the car. Bye bye. So he literally tried to leave us.
There and walk to the car. So regardless. It was a great morning.
We had a lot of fun and got a little lunch now hes napping and im here doing my video pretty the usual routine around here. But today i wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite diaper bags that i have i know ive been telling you that i have a million diaper bags to review. Which i do and so im adding this one to the repertoire.
How do you say that repertoire.

skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-0
skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-0

Im adding this one to the mix. So today. Im going to be reviewing the skip hop chelsea backpack diaper bag mine is in the color block.
As you can see here. And this is just a great solid all around diaper bag. It is very stylish in my opinion.
It has a nice like gold hardware on it its got this im pretty sure this is faux leather. I dont think its real leather on the fluff here. But the rest of the bag is like a nylon material.
So its i dont know if this is the right word to use. But its kind of rugged. I like to use this one versus like my pretty earth all faux leather ones.
This is easier to clean less likely to get like scratched up and dinged up so whenever dominic has kind of like outdoor activities to go do or if were just like going to the park or you know anything like that or sporting. An event. This is the bag that i take.
And its still super cute and just serves a great function so im gonna go through it with you guys and just kind of tell you about it show it to you and hopefully itll help you out if you were thinking of getting this one. I do recommend it okay so lets go ahead and start with the just the outside of the bag. And this does have a grab handle on top.
Which is always nice and convenient to have the straps on the back are adjustable and again. Its got that pretty gold hardware. But super easy to adjust the straps there its got side pockets for bottles and they are insulated.
Its got stroller straps that you can hook on to your stroller on both sides.

skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-1
skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-1

Here so both pockets on the side. And its got two pockets on the front. So its got one smaller pocket on the flap here which i like in fact.
I think i have something in there. I like to just like keep like my chopstick or you know things that easy to grab okay look. Ive got a lip gloss in here.
Some hair ties that sort of thing and then in this bigger front pocket in the front here. Its pretty roomy you can actually fit quite a bit of stuff in there sew it up and it opens up its got a nice light interior. So that you can see what youre looking for and theres kind of a divider in here.
Theres just kind of another flap so that you can divide up your items. And i do need to kind of clean this bag. So theres just this kind of like divider strap.
And ive got a few straggling items in here from just using it some shot wipes always good to have in your diet diaper bag or tide pants or whatever. And once you open this flap up it just flips right over its got a clasp here to hook onto this little ring right above this front pocket so if you want secure closure. You can hook that up together.
But it also has this what do you call these like a scrunch like pulley cord system here to close. It up. So you can scrunch that closed and just leave it like that but for extra security.
They do give you this option to clasp. It closed. Which is nice so i like that this didnt have a zipper on top thats because its really easy to get in and out of when youre trying to find something quickly and you know a couple of my other diaper bags.
Do have visit top closures.

skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-2
skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-2

Which are great for security. But like when youre at the park and youre just trying to like fish a snack out of your bag. Its so great to just be able to just flip up and open it right up and get stuff out so thats what i do love about this bag.
Now once you get inside the bag. It is pretty roomy in here. It has a flap on the back.
Which holds the changing pad it does come with that changing pad and then on front of that flap its got two stretchy interior pockets for either you know bottles wipes whatever you want to put in there and those are actually the only pockets so its not the one roomy interior. Here and then its just got those two pockets in the flock for the changing pad. So this is a very simple bag.
But i have found that it gives me enough of the organization that i need for like i said trip to the park and outdoor outing. I even brought this on vacation last year which my son did not even come on. But i use this is my carry on and it works great it can hold a lot of stuff and still keep you organized.
I love that it comes with a changing pad. So that just slips right back there. And it has a nice place to go and be stored.
So all in all i do really like this bag. I believe it retails for 100 and skip hop does have quite a few sales though on the regular basis. So you can always check their direct website for a good deal hitch.
Thats it here is the bag of clothes the bottom of the bag has little feet. Which i love and it is structured on the bottom. So it does like i kind of stand upright.
You dont have to worry about the bottom getting all messed up because its got those little feet on it so great solid bag one of my favorites.

skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-3
skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-3

And im gonna go ahead and show you guys what it looks like on so you can kind of see how it looks on the body and you know compare the size. And i do have the straps. Almost all the way loosened.
So just be aware of that it does hang a little bit higher on me. I am kind of tall though im about im 5 7. And a half.
Im almost 5 ee so just for reference. Its very comfortable to wear the straps have a little bit of padding to them and keep in mind that this is empty right now. So theres not a lot you know kind of hanging it down or anything.
But it is very comfortable to wear you just kind of toss it over your shoulder wear it one shoulder. Its really cute that way. But yeah there you have it so again really solid bag one of my favorite diaper backpacks to date.
I think i will hang on to this for quite some time. I also added this cute little keychain. This is not by skip hop.
But you know you can always kind of flare up your bag with fun little accessories. So thank you so much for joining me to you guys i hope you enjoyed this video and again this is the skip hop chelsea bag. I will go ahead and link it below and make sure to check them out.
Well be reviewing more decker bags in the future. I have several jujube diaper bags to review as well as a couple store specs so stay tuned. And i wont share those with you guys shortly.
I will see you guys all next time i music. .

skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-4
skip hop chelsea diaper bag backpack-4

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