April 13, 2021

St Patrick’s Day for Kids | Ideas for Kids Saint Patricks Day 2015

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Everybody im annie and i hope. There is an irish holiday called st. Patrick patricks day.
Its on march 17th. But on this holiday. If you wear green at all to school or to church or anything you could get pinched by a lot of people so we have some fun and fashionable ways to avoid getting pinched.
The first obvious way is if you dont have like a school uniform at your school you could always just wear a green shirt. Oh if your school does have a uniform and if you dont have a green shirt like we do so theres lots of other creative ways that you could do to show that you agreed on you one thing you can do is wear jewelry and i got these earrings. Some claires and at the bottom.
They have shamrocks on them theyre like a little irish thing and theyre perfect for our st. Patricks day and so also from claires i have this necklace and its also got a shamrock on though i also have this bracelet and its got green in it its a fishtail rainbow loom and its really pretty and since it has green in it since now we have all of our jewelry on and this isnt it looks like how were going to put bows in and you can tell that theyre both and i of this like its a green little ponytail and then these little threads that are tied so like when you put your hair. Yeah were a little unsure see im wearing an undershirt right now except i could wear this one or you can put on my cute hats and its green.
So its perfect and so we can also put on this sock with your shoes.

kids st patricks day clothes-0
kids st patricks day clothes-0

We dont have both of them. But were still wearing what are you yeah green juice house. Where youll have an ingredient cheese.
Well you could wear green flip flops. You can also have this green pin. So you can just yeah.
Let me get it on. But you can put it like right here. Here here.
If you want to be a green and you want to read you can put on reading glasses. That are like oh yeah. Blue green yeah.
And then this is the same color like a bluegreen wallet and even put your phone in it yeah.

kids st patricks day clothes-1
kids st patricks day clothes-1

So and then you can also put your phone in this phone. Case. Yeah.
Well not this phone case. But like any green phone case. Yeah.
It doesnt have to be someone. Yeah. You can bring a cup and it has some green in it and then this is like a green blue.
Its so yeah. And so you can like you know like put water and cheese and stuff. And you can like carry it around you can grab a notebook cut to be green oh you know stuff that could be right here.
You can decorate them in line.

kids st patricks day clothes-2
kids st patricks day clothes-2

Okay. So now that its done yeah my favorite so now were gonna paint each others nails and their gritty do you want this color. No okay here yeah.
Oh we have painted our nails. Yeah. Theyre like it doesnt matter.
Though. Theyre pretty yeah. Theyre cute.
So we are the glitter. But these the little glitter stuff and we use the green. I actually only use the green home one nail.
But he use the glitter on all this cuz.

kids st patricks day clothes-3
kids st patricks day clothes-3

I use glitter on the rest yeah. But we showed you a lot of ways creative knowledge gets pinched cuz. If you like do all of our dance.
You definitely yeah and if you wear one thing. Thats great that might be hiding like a bracelet thats hiding under like a long sleeve shirt and they pant. You say hey i went great here so i get picked you.
But yeah or something like yeah. We are definitely not gonna get pinched with all this stuff. And if you have one of these necklaces you can definitely put it on your cats green.
Dont worry you could like put it on your desk. Or something right. Oh yeah you can just.
But you cant bring your shes filming. .

kids st patricks day clothes-4
kids st patricks day clothes-4

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