November 29, 2020

Stellaris Utopia – Planet management explained

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And welcome to another stellaris explained video. Where we are going to go over planets planets and how to develop them in a reasonable way the first thing that you to figure out when youre going to colonize a planet is where you want to put your colony ship it will build into a ship shelter once the colony is ready and although the reassemble ship shelter doesnt give adjacency bonuses. Once you upgrade to a planetary administration.
You can see their minerals. Food and energy. Get.
A 1 adjacency bonus to the planetary administration. So when youre building something like that you want to find a tile that not only produces energy. Because you dont want to squash a resource.
If you dont have to but also is adjacent to 4 tiles of those three minerals food and energy. So. If i built a planetary administration.
Here. I would get a adjacency bonus with the food here. The food here.
The energy here and the minerals here and to reap that adjacency bonus. You not only have to work the tile. But you also have to have an upgrade there so once i put that farm.
There and get the hydroponics farm plus. 3. And then i should also have an adjacency bonus.
But im not working the planetary administration. So there it is plus 1 adjacency from the administration. Both of the things have to be worked.
They both have to have upgrades on the tiles. But that is the ideal way to do this and in the early game. You are going to be doing this pretty much exclusively youre going to be finding a spot that has the most bonuses and building an area around it once you have the initial four buildings or three possibly.
Sometimes you get stuck in a in a edge with your planetary administration. It happens. Its not very often.
But it does happen youre going to start thinking about the ideal pops for these areas and when youre first starting. Youre just going to have your population. Unless you take the empire trait.
I think theres one where you start with another population on your home planet. But generally you start with your own population and sometimes you have the ability to build robots now robots the very first tier. Not these synthetics will only get a bonus to producing minerals.
Theyre going to have a malice to producing energy research and unity now as you upgrade them to droids through tech. You are then going to have less of a malice. But it will still be a malice towards energy research and unity.
So theres still ideal simply for the mineral patches you can see right now. Synthetics. Getting.
20. If you decide to go full synthetic. With your robot pops.
You are then going to get no bonus for no bonus for food. But you will get a bonus for research. Minerals and energy and then unity has no no bonus as well.
So synthetics are actually ideal for a lot of the tiles. Once you get to that point. But until you have synthetics you pretty much only want to put robots on minerals.
If you can afford the energy cost because instead of consuming food. They will consume and believe its one energy. Yeah maintenance one energy.
So if you can float it with the energy cost then it is entirely worth it to get some more mineral production. Now for the rest of the planet. Youre probably going to at least in the beginning be looking at the tile resources and trying to use them as best as possible youre going to you know try to make the most out of the planet of course.
If you end up with some planets where you are heavily imbalanced in resources and or science. Youre obviously going to have to go against the tile resources that are there and possibly you know have to build food on minerals or energy on minerals or whatever. But for the most part you want to at least try to adhere to what the tile resources are naturally that way youre not squashing.
The extra one two three or even this one three yeah. No that one two one. But youre not youre not squashing.
The the extra output from those tile resources that are naturally occurring. Once your empires grown to a certain point in the game. Youre not really going to be looking at tile resources anymore individually.
Its ideal to work your planets that way the the you know looking at your tile. And saying. This is going to be a mineral.
One this is going to be a science. One that is the ideal way. But realistically your empire is going to be expanding so quickly that it wont really matter.
What youre gonna be doing is colonizing. A planet and then looking at this little area right here. As you can see food is the largest produced resource on this planet.
So what i would end up doing say if i have you know ten other planets so id colonize this id see oh theres seven food on here. Thats the biggest resource. So long as im not lacking in something else what ill end up.
Doing is i will simply build a planetary administration somewhere see its one of these better mmm. It is but id still rather have it in the center. Because of the bonuses build a planetary administration and then i would just throw farms everywhere.
Youre going to be squashing. The resources. Its a little dumb.
Its definitely wasteful. But i think its a better way to go now as youre building. There is a governor that you can assign to planets obviously.
These governors sometimes come with traits that are very useful like this one has a building build speed plus 10. I think no maybe thats actually standard lets see now it is standard. There is i dont see one here.
But there is the environmental engineer which makes clearing tiles cheaper and quicker. There is a another one it looks like a little house architectural interest it reduces building cost and building. Speed by 10 and increases building.
Speed by 10 and then theres an iron fist. One so if you are using slaves. Which should also go over is they will increase the slave output of your enslaved.
People. There is a army build speed person as well as garrison health and then there is a ship build speed with space port module cost so. When youre building your space.

stellaris how to get rid of a planet-0
stellaris how to get rid of a planet-0

You can get a little bit of a discount on those and then theres obviously the agrarian upbringing. Thats going to make more food. Its gonna cost less to build farms.
And i think that is all of them so lets talk about slavery slavery is something that you decide per species in the set rights dialog box. There is tell slavery theres domestic servitude battle thralls and livestock these all have specific modifier enhancements. Obviously these get food and minerals.
Domestic servitude doesnt really benefit any resource output. But it does add happiness to other pops on the planet battle trolls make more energy and more research and they apparently make excellent soldiers. So probably recruits from these battle throws are better and then livestock creates food youre basically using your slaves to eat.
So as a caste system. What is going to happen is or as chatel slaves whatever they are going to automatically turn into slaves or not slaves when they are on the proper tiles. If you move it off hes now a scientist.
He doesnt do the slave thing we put him back on the food. He is going to be a slave and slavery does a couple things mostly it reduces happiness as there are ways to mitigate. It you know with edicts and governors and whatnot.
But just be aware that you are going to have unhappy pops as a result. Its not really terrible because you move them they do not retain their unhappiness and yeah. Thats pretty much it for slaves you can use different types of slaves for different things and theyre not terrible anymore theyre not ideal.
I dont think i dont know they can be alright. I dont really use them. Though and probably the final thing that we should really talk about is happiness.
Now happiness is a sliding scale and it depends on a large amount of factors depending on what faction theyre in how theyre being treated as in being enslaved and whatnot. But happiness does basically one of two things. It will either be well and does three things i suppose.
Its either neutral. Where you get no bonuses or malice is if its 61 or greater. Youre going to get a positive buff to producing food energy minerals and research and then if they are unhappy they will produce food just fine.
But energy minerals and research will get a negative melas now that we have the basics of the planets squared away. We can talk about edicts and this is why i think that building a singular planet with a singular resource in mind is so powerful because if you say build an energy world you can use capacity overload here to increase your energy production by fifteen percent on the entire planet. Which is matsan and you can do the same for minerals.
And you can do the same for food in fact food is 25. Which is insane ten years of an extra quarter of your food out of that planet is great there are other edicts here we have land of opportunity. Which basically attracts more people from the rest of your empire to this planet.
Its good for quickly populating a planet. If you want to and then you have infrastructure projects. Which i recommend when you first colonize.
So that you can build things very quickly. Theres also re education campaigns and propaganda broadcasts. Theyre basically ways to increase happiness propaganda broadcast being direct just an added happiness.
Modifier and then the re education campaigns. Will change. The what is the ethics.
Yeah epochs of the pops on that planet towards your governing ethics. So that theyre not as unhappy now. If your empire has a fanatical ethos.
You also will get special campaigns or special edicts that you can use so. If youre a fanatic militarist. You can use the arms race edict on the planet.
And that will give you 33 army build speed minus 25. Spaceport. Module costs and plus.
33. Ship build speed. Youre a fanatic egalitarian.
You can use grassroots administration. Which gives you plus 20. Energy credits.
A little bit better than the capacity overload here. If you are a phenomena phob you can use purity laws. Which will increase the unity output of the planet by 20 and legal aliens is a fanatic xena file edict and it will increase the alien migration attraction for your planet.
So again. If youre trying to populate a planet. Its very good peace festivals comes from being a fanatic pacifist and that gives you plus 30.
Percent. Food instead of just 25. There is social engineering from fanatic authoritarians.
And that is plus 30. Percent. Governing ethics attraction.
So a little bit better at the re education of your people. Theres the spirit of science. Which comes from fanatic materialist.
This one is my favorite it gives you plus 20 to all research on that planet is amazing. And then there is spiritual unity from being a fanatic spiritualist. Which gives you plus 10 unity and plus.
10. Governing ethics and traction. Now once you have unlocked.
A couple ascension perks. Theres one called consecrated worlds ascension perk. And that also opens up an edict called consecrate planet.
And that will essentially give you. 10 happiness. Ten percent population speed growth and 15 percent unity.
Which is also pretty great. But more than likely. I wouldnt recommend taking it simply because there are better ascension perks.
Though i should mention that the consecrate planet edict last a hundred years. But it does cost 300 influence so its expensive but lasts almost indefinitely and i think the last thing that i want to talk about in this video is going to be terraforming terraforming is pretty simple you research the tech. You decide where you want to terraform if it is already colonized you need to research further tech.
But if its uncolonized you can simply terraform it and you will say what you want it to be i dont actually even know what is this continental. I want this to be a continents world say. Its going to be consonantal.
Itll take a certain amount of time it takes you know minerals and whatnot. But one thing to note is that all of the tile blockers on the planet will be cleared once you terraform. It so if you are going to terraform something tear form it before you colonize.
It makes things simpler. You dont have to spend all the extra minerals and energy clearing all the tile blockers. So yeah.
Thats it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed im sure that i forgot something somewhere so please feel free to let me know in the comments and i will see you next time .

stellaris how to get rid of a planet-1
stellaris how to get rid of a planet-1

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