November 25, 2020

Stick Welding Aluminum

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Stick Welding Aluminum. Following along are instructions in the video below:
To weld dot com. We have been asked to do one of the viewers. Asked asked can you stick weld aluminum.
The answer is yes. Im gonna be real. We is one of my this is one of my least favorite things to do its you can do it im pretty proficient with tig and wire.
I like those two processes theyre clean. Id like to run into spool gun this you can you can do some portable. Repairs.
Aluminum stick is dc reverse. Polarity electrode positive. What i have noticed in the past with it depends on the type of weld youre gonna make were gonna try to do a couple of fill it welds here front and back.
Im gonna im gonna guess and say the second one might go a little better than the first one. But this is quarter inch material. And i need to preheat it if we just went into this cold.
I dont think wed have a very good result. I think wed need to run a little bit and get this material warmed up before this actually flowed in this process is real gummy. This this flux on here is kind of a heavy salt.
I dont know how to describe it its just real spatter ii turns into kind of a grey muck looking stuff on it. And its a little a little strange. If youve never done.
It. Theres a lot of maintenance alloys out there. And some obviously run better than others.
Its just like stainless electrodes and low hydrogen electrodes. Some of them run extremely well some of them are a little bit rough and thats the thats the nature of the flux and flux composition. So our attempt here is im going to get some gear on here in a little bit and i want to im going to preheat this with an oxy acetylene torch and i want to show a little trick here ive got a ive got a temp stick.

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-0
how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-0

I couldnt find my my temp stick that goes to 350. Ive got one that says 250 on it here. But i want to show a little trick that i learned from a metallurgy.
The work from for mesh aggression mg company maintenance alloys. Theres a trick you can do with the torch here and its purposely. Putting soot on this piece of aluminum with a carburizing flame and then im going to back off and change to a neutral flame and im going to keep heating.
This thing up when that soot disappears. Youre right around 400 degrees. Thats kind of nice when you dont have this stuff.
Its just you know were trying to get some saturate this with a little bit of heat. We dont want to get too extreme with it. But we really need that heat in there to get this to flow pretty good so im gonna get some gear on ill be right back.
Okay honey honey preheat our piece of aluminum quarter inch. Were gonna do a try to do a fill it weld again this is just gonna be a little rough. I already know that so what i want to do here is i want to light this flame and make it purposely a carburizing type flame excess unburnt acetylene or fuel and i want to put it over here and and and make this black.
I think i turned that back a little bit more just just to get some immediate soot on there so now im going to change some more of a neutral flame and im going to get back away from it and im going to start preheating this. I am going to use this 250 degree temps dick and were not quite to 250 and now we are aluminum dissipates heat four times faster than carbon steel. It also has a oxide layer on it and i have pre clean this with wire brushes stainless wire brushes which is one of the best ways ive a lot of people i see will take abrasives.
Theyll just take a regular old grinding wheel that theyve been using on stainless steel or carbon steel. Rather and theyll just stick it on there and grind away or theyll take a high speed wire wheel bead brush and theyll theyll use it on the on the aluminum. And actually what thats doing is just folding the oxide layer into the material.
Its not its not cool file you can use light sanding pressure. Chemical etch. Hand.
Wire brushes are the best ways. I am. Using a 3 32.

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-1
how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-1

Electrode. Im going to run about 85 amps. Dc electrode positive or reverse polarity.
Ive protect this with gas tungsten arc welding. If you think that low hydrogen electrodes are kind of rough to start sometimes because they got the flux on the end of them these are three times worse. Im gonna make sure i have some bare electrode.
So the technical specs for this it calls for pretty much a straight end angle. Fast travel speed. I can agree with that this weld pool to me.
Its its got so much going on around it and its really active and its gonna spatter. Quite a bit so you know this is my first attempt in a long time i use this occasionally. But i use it more out to repair something like a handrail or a piece of broken equipment on a out in the field somewhere away from the shop.
So lets lets see how this goes. But also the technical specs call for a real short arse and its to me it feels like im just cramming this in there. All the time.
I had a i had a rough start you know thats just the nature of this rod. So im gonna let that kind of cool a little bit and then im going to go after the backside here. And do the do the other side with another rod.
I make my step over and knock the flux off the end of it with my needle nose or something. Because that wasnt fun at all youll notice that i think it was somewhere about half two thirds the way through the pond to the weld pool just kind of exploded. You know theres not a whole lot youre going to do about that weve got some spatter on here.
Im putting a heavy block on here just to hold the material. You saw me pecking on this a minute ago. Well.
Lets lets hope we get a better start here. I think if i have a better start then i can just go feed this in again. You know if youre making a repair.

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-2
how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-2

You would be using some sanders. The flapper wheels with light pressure to grind and blend this back you can do multiple passes again another rough start. I wish that wouldnt happen.
But it does kind of hard to tell to me it just looks like its definitely washed out here in the crater and i tried to come in here and pull this back a little bit. I dont know that i got it filled up let me go let me go cool this off and i wanna. Im gonna have to work this and chip this quite a bit what i dont want to do is grab a wire wheel and knock the flux off because i think the aluminum is so soft that ill just rearrange the whole ripple pattern.
So im going to take a little bit of time. Im going to im going to quench. It and take my slag hammer and trolly lightly try to pick this stuff off of here.
I dont think itll come off thats pretty aggressive so let me go cool this off and ill go to work on it and see if we cant bring out a bead here that you can see be right back. Im back i clean this all up. I told you this is gonna be a little rough and it was a little rough you can see that ive used my pliers.
I was trying to knock some of this stuff around i use my chipping hammer. Ill show you them both theyve got this heavy salt. Looking revered residue on here.
And thats just the nature of that flux. This was the this was the first side. We this was the first side.
We did and i had this rough start right here. And it was a little cold you can see that i kind of missed this right here. Ill tell you when i struck the arc.
I really couldnt see where the pool was at the very beginning now after the electrode became active and the arc force was making the flux go kind of behind the rod. Then it was a little easier and a couple of things to note here. You know the spatter.
I think i mentioned that about two thirds the way down the weld pool kind of popped and exploded. I pause to recover. But it left a big ol blob of aluminum out here you know we can clean that up with sanders and files.

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-3
how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-3

So you know weve get an acceptable profile. Somewhat of an aluminum weld here. You know its not those of us that weld aluminum with with tig and and spray wire feeding on the spool gun or even pull spray you know you got to admit.
Wow. Thats thats way rougher than what were used to seeing. But you know is it welded together sure can we make repairs with it in the field.
Sure im sure if i use this more than what i do i havent done this in probably four or five years but a viewer asked and we want to satisfy the viewers. So im hoping this helps out so and then this was the second side again a since everything was preheated. I did stumble a little bit on my start.
But it blended in way better. And im not sure why this came about another little. I thought i was doing better down here and then right down at the very end this is interesting because i like to i dont one thing.
I just despise doing and i sees a lot of people doing it they come out here to the very edge of something and they stop now i want to ask you a question. How many of you have seen beautiful aluminum welds like on trailers. And theyre cracked right down through the middle of them.
And its its from this exact same thing right here when we terminate a weld on aluminum. We need to fill this crater in and this is a classic crater with a little star hole in it right here well if you think about a trailer. Its under vibration all the time.
But once that little crack starts in that little crater crack that little star feature. It just propagates right through the center of a beautiful weld and it does it every time pretty much so we need to need to make sure that you fill these in im sure that if i had to blend this if this was a critical somewhat critical repair. I would clean this all up and attempt to go back in and fill that in i wouldnt leave it like that i dont think.
But again. The whole demonstration was can you stick weld aluminum and the answer is yes. You know i dont particularly like doing it that way.
But its doable you know so again thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to the videos. New videos have come out every every week. Thanks for watching and welcome.
Im bob moffett with callie college. .

how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-4
how to weld aluminum with a stick welder-4

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