November 30, 2020

Sting Unveils the New World Title Belt

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Sting Unveils the New World Title Belt. Following along are instructions in the video below:
And gentlemen and transit. The tna heavyweight the world applause music and ladies and gentlemen gentlemen impact opens with the entrance the tna world heavyweight champion sting. It was sunday victory road sting victorious in his world title rematch with jeff hardy and look at this steam displaying today heavyweight title belt over his shoulder.
But we assume thats where this reddit. I guess youre right up to destroy the wreckage as we see the other purple. Lets applause what a reaction here.
Were novation mike the team that will music applause. Ive been waiting too long now to get this off my chest. So before this show before hogans show get started hogan and bischoff.
I want you to come here and face me right now or this shows not going to start. I know stings the world champion. But falling out the the men who head up tna right here well the world heavyweight champion has some stroke steam demanding to talk with the man who have been totally in charge of tna ever since the legal verdict against tna president dixie carter was a the third yes.
We are talking about immortals hulk. Hogan and eric bischoff music well doesnt seem like god mr. Hogan against official.
The sweating effect. If you just got pulled out right here had a teenager up music combustible situation that people about to get into here. Thats also the level of confidence.
Theyll tell you they are calling the shots now in tna. Listen that i like the man are not hokodan. Im anibal govan.
Hes always had a certain swagger and eric bischoff like manat and most dont like him. Hes always got a swagger. This is all thats left of jeff hardy youd do whatever you want with it hope applause.
I want you to look me in the eye hogan and i want you to tell me man to man how does it feel to destroy somebodys career. I want you to explain to me how you can take a superstar like jeff hardy. A bright shining light and dim it to the blackest of blacks two weeks ago.
I stood across from jeff hardy in the ring. And i could tell he wasnt the same man. He was the first day he got here cuz.
The first day he got here he shook my hand. He was excited to be here hulk. He was really excited about his future right here at tna.
The fact of the matter is jeff is a grown man and hes responsible for his own choices.

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-0
who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-0

And he chose to go down a road that would ultimately lead him to a dead end and thats nobodys fault. But jeffs but at the end of the day. It was your influence hulk and your influence bischoff.
The twisted his mind into the idea of heaven money and power and greed. The same kind of influence you have on all your little members of your little group you painted a picture. Thats not even real hulk.
There might not be a whole lot that i can do for jeff hardy at this point. But theres a whole lot that i can do 450 of those wrestlers who are waiting back there 50 of those guys who want who have hunger. Who have talents and are ready to go applause music.
Oh i get it youre done youre uh. Mr. Johnny come lately on off and out go home come back.
Singer. Who are you man. I mean youre coming here trying to blame eric bischoff and i make us responsible for the embarrassment that jeff hardy caused immortal victory.
Road is that what youre trying to do brother. Huh. Well.
You know what its jeff hardy that let a mortal down brother. Its not a mortal that let jeff hardy down music. But if you want to hear the real gospel brother were talking about selling out buildings all over the world slammin giants at the end of the day.
Brother. Even on jeff hardys best day. He couldnt live in the immortal hulk hogan shadow dude.
Thats what its really about and you know his shortcomings. Thats what was responsible for his demise. Brother it was his own fault.
Hey. And if its not will then explain it to us why is a mortal to him so great why are we at the top of the game. Why are we all main event.
Players even youre right brother even. Matt hardy. Matt hardys at the top of his game.
But i get it i get it hold on eric he wants to be the savior.

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-1
who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-1

He talks about 50 guys in the back. You want a war all 50 guys in the back about the evil reign of hulk hogan. Let me give you some advice stinger.
Everybody makes your own tea around here. And as far as you the deal you better make you better worry about saving your own ass around here because immortals in control and ever since i came back two weeks ago ever since we took total 110 control of this company my cell phones been ringing off the hook jack. I got main eventers that can blow you away all over the world calling me wanna jump on my back and go for the ride of their life.
Jack everybody in this business is replaceable especially you stinger and you just like jeff hardy can just be another body that i need to replace put that in your stinger pipe and smoke it applause. Your phones ringing off the hook. Lets get back to the phone ringing off the hook.
If its ringing off the hook. Where is everybody because every single week. All i see is you and you and nobody else behind you except for a couple of punks applause music right music music applause.
Ive been rigging this phone off the hook. Ive been waiting for this opportunity all my life 20 years in the wrestling business and sting make. No mistake.
There would be no wrestling business today if it wasnt for this man right here. Applause. He is the be all and end it all and that burns your ass doesnt it sting applause.
Youre. A co star your sidekick youre the background band and if anybody knows about co stars thing its me because ive been carrying around that sack of crap d. Von.
For 15 years music. Ill never forget. The first day.
I met you two when i looked into your eyes. And i was like wow. This guys got jealousy running through his veins man youre jealous.
But most of all you got all these people fooled. Theyre suckers they buy into this sting. Youre selfish youre selfish man.
It ai. Nt about those guys in the back. Its about you because your entire career could never one up this man never and thats why you came back applause shit music applause punk eric i would consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of immortal and as a first order of business for me what id like to do is i would like to take out this decrepit dinosaur and become the tna world heavyweight champion.
Staying you can say anything you want because with all the face paint the fancy robes and even that title around your waist to take two steps to the left you take two steps to the right no matter.

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-2
who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-2

Where you go youll never be out of this mans shadow. Never music you know something brother dont even waste your time on that piece of garbage. You want a title shot brothers before music.
Applause music looks like we have some other interested observers as fortune aj styles. Cesarean music fortunes on their way the rain. Well be right back with let me make one thing perfectly clear.
There are four men in this ring that go by the name of fortune and we got your back sting. 100. Now bully ray.
What is it that you wanted to do when you got in this business. What was it that you wanted to do i know what it was you wanted to be a singles wrestler more than anything right you longed to be a singles wrestler. But that didnt happen did it nope let me tell you what happened you got a partner for the past 15 years.
That carry the load. Yeah. Let that sink in because without.
D. Von. Without devon.
There would be no tag team. Titles. There would be no team 3d.
And lets just face. It lets just face. It you just cant make it on your own applause aj.
You know what id like to do id like to smack you in the face and knock that silver spoon right out of your mouth now but but i wouldnt want to you know get in trouble you know if it wasnt for dixie wiping your ass for the past eight years youd probably be out on the streets actually im quite surprised shes still not breastfeeding you lets not talk about your career up against my career aj. Im a 23 time world tag team champion and if it wasnt for that loser i could be a 23 time world heavyweight champion aj. You are a small man a small man in the ring with giants you dont even belong in the same ring as us and hulk.
Im sorry about the interruption if we could please get back to my title shot. Oh hold on hold on normal hold on brother huh we got bigger fish to fry applause music applause. Not distinction good and here comes mr and ever since he lost against our lives keep in demanding a rematch anderson involve a damn battle this past sunday.
We rode. But neither man you spot in the number one contenders match up music. Applause ladies and gentlemen here is the portion of the evening.
Where the asshole comes out and poses.

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-3
who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-3

The freakin question wheres my rematch can anybody tell me anybody tell me why rematch. I dont see it anywhere is it hanging up there i dont think its it down there. Where is it you you really are an asshole.
I own it i live it i love it you know what im an asshole asshole asshole asshole. Applause let me tell you something asshole. You couldnt be rvd that was for the number one contender spot.
So guess what i guess youre just out of the mix cuz. You asshole couldnt get the job. Done oh for your information.
Rv d. Couldnt beat me either so its your call. Terrence applause.
I got a better idea honk. I got an idea thats all about money see you kick his ass right now were going to enjoy it and well get a big kick out of it. But ive got a better idea the last couple of weeks.
The networks been getting into our business. See they want ratings well ive got an idea since everybodys here and you want your shot. Everybody wants to be the number one contender.
Ive got an idea. Why dont we have a four way tonight in our main event. Lets make some money buff.
All this hostility you and rvd youve already got your spot in a match since it wasnt a clear cut winner at victory road and since the bully here wants to be a part of immortal. Why dont we prove a point and see just what hes worth hello. Yeah.
By the way aj since you back stings. So much why dont you join. The little party be a part of this four way because if you win youll get your shot at sting.
Lets see how much you back up. So lets do it lets do it no. I said no i own that fricking match you cant do that we can and we just did hit my damn music that ladies and gentlemen is the reality of life today.
I think its great i personally i love with mr. Flay down here a hallway tonight. No more contenders not at the control.
Hogan and bischoff running the show who meets fate for the tla title next month. A lockdown .

who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-4
who is the new tna world heavyweight champion-4

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