January 24, 2021

The Best Beauty Products At Walmart Under $10!

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This video is not sponsored by walmart. But it should be hey welcome to another another boutique. Google video so today i wanted to do a drugstore beauty video for of my broke folk out there for all my penny pinchers for all of my peeps.
Out. There who are broker than a mother frickin joker. This is for you i basically want to go to my local walmart and look at the selection that they have for beauty products.
And then choose my personal favorites from their selection. So hair face and body all of the products that i recommend in this video will be linked down below. In the description box for your convenience.
So lets get started walmart. Providing you with the lowest prices. The highest quality products and a calm.
Shopping environment music. All righty. So first hair products going down the aisle.
Looking at the brands. I broke out in freakin hives. Just looking at the ingredients yall.
Because well most of these shampoos rely on sodium lourdes sulfate. Which is a harsh detergent. That is found in dish and laundry soap and most of the conditioners rely on silicone which causes buildup.
That is not water soluble for these reasons. The best available option at walmart is maui moisture. Its only 7 a bottle.
And it has amazing ingredients sulfate free silicone free vegan and cruelty free. And the very first ingredient is a la vera juice.

cruelty free shampoo at walmart-0
cruelty free shampoo at walmart-0

So i would argue. This is the best available option at walmart and that was actually a little shocked at the very little selection. They had for curly hair style errs.
But there are a few good ones so for shampoo and conditioner. I ended up getting the maui moisture shea butter line. I chose these because i felt they were the best option there because of the price each bottle is 7.
And i actually have tried this exact line before i actually used it to prep my hair for a maui moisture photo shoot that i did and i loved the results. It delivers moisture without drying. Out your hair.
And also the conditioner has crazy good sleep. There was also another hair brand that i saw there called love beauty and planet or as i like to say love beauty and planning just to add a little spice and i definitely think that they deserve an honorary mention because those products were very affordable. They were vegan cruelty free sulphate free and silicone free.
I havent tried them so i dont know how they perform. But based on the ingredients and the values and the price. I definitely think it deserves a spot on this list.
So for stylers. I ended up getting the cantu shea butter for natural hair. Coconut curling cream.
Theres six dollars each. And they are sulfate free silicone free paraben free and mineral oil free pretty damn good and another styler that i freaking love is the not your mothers curl. Talked gel.
Yall. Ready you know ive talked about this a lot. Because it is genuinely my favorite drugstore gel.
Its just so freakin good. Its silicone free alcohol.

cruelty free shampoo at walmart-1
cruelty free shampoo at walmart-1

Free paraben free cruelty free yep. Theres really well with any leave in conditioner. And it gives you soft touchable hold.
So next is skin care and the selection is so huge that its actually really overwhelming. But do not fear grasshopper always remember that less is more dont actually feel like you need all of this the best thing you can do is just check the ingredients of the products that youre interested in and something interesting that i found among very very popular facial cleansers was the use of sodium laureth sulfate. Now sulfates deplete the skin of sebum.
Which can lead to oil overcompensation. Which then leads to acne production yes. Very ironic and personally in my own opinion.
Expensive face creams are super. Excessive and unnecessary. There are better affordable natural options out there for the facial cleanser.
I ended up getting the equate beauty detoxifying charcoal facial cleanser equate beauty is actually a brand created by walmart when i saw the ingredients on this bottle and compared. It to the other ones like my ankles were broke this product has a lot of gentle cleansers and the first ingredient is also a liver juice. Which i thought was really cool so much better by a mile than the other cleansers that i saw available which i think is really interesting because i feel like theres a lot of stigma when it comes to these kinds of brands.
Its considered a bootleg brand like when you see something thats clearly trying to copy the original and usually its like way crappier. But when you look at the ingredients. Its just so much better than the other cleansers so i really like that because it really helps to defeat that stigma so you go wells mart.
So for facial moisturizer i end up getting the alafia shea butter on scented. I have been using shea butter for about 90 years now in my opinion. Shea butter will always be the superior moisturizer.
Just because it is a raw saturated fat. Which means. It does not oxidize on the skin.
Which can cause premature. Aging and a lot of the times moisturizers do contain polyunsaturated fats that can oxidize on the skin.

cruelty free shampoo at walmart-2
cruelty free shampoo at walmart-2

So its increasing premature. Aging and i also want to give a quick shout out to freakin alafia y.all hands down one of my favorite brands because they work so hard to be a fair trade company.
Which means that they pay their workers fair living wages. So they can actually improve their life. The profits are directed to programs that will donate school supplies that will actually build schools.
So 10 out of 10. Thats the ticket took 50 million users for playing with toys. Whats that kiddie tripping.
So much harder than all of us more than all the rappers and the gangsters out there girl. He got his own toothbrush and everything last is a body care and ima be straight up with your body wash. Its just wasteful excessive and unnecessary not to mention expensive yall already know that im gonna complain about the sulfates and apart from that it contains a very high amount of fragrance which can cause skin irritation and sensitivities so i dont recommend body wash at all and i feel the same way about body lotion a lot of silicone chemical fillers and the packaging is unnecessary.
So instead. Ima show. Yall.
Some better more affordable natural alternatives. So for the body cleanser. I ended up getting the mrs.
Meyers clean day daily bar. So its good for everything you know you can use it on your armpits and your not a gas or not in on please dont put it in your nagas or do whatever i cant tell you how to live your life with good old fashioned soap. You have no bottle that you need to discard up and also you can just recycle.
The paper. So it is a great sustainable switch that you can make however please make sure that when you buy soap that it is either palm oil free and if it does contain palm oil please make sure that it is rain forest. Alliance certified palm oil harvesting.
Causes rainforest deforestation and kills over 100000. Orangutangs a year.

cruelty free shampoo at walmart-3
cruelty free shampoo at walmart-3

So. In my opinion. This is the best available option at walmart.
Its cheap. Its vegan. Its cruelty free and sustainable palm oil certified and last but not least for the body moisturizer.
Honestly you can just use the shea butter. That i mentioned before however. Shea butter is a little hard to spread all over the body.
So if you want something that easier to spread. I highly highly recommend a coconut oil in my opinion. I think coconut oil is superior to any body lotion out there one because it comes in a glass jar and you can recycle the glass jar.
It is extremely nourished. It is antifungal antibacterial. The only complaint that i have is that none of the coconut oil that was available was fairtrade certified walmart does offer other coconut oil brands that are fairtrade.
But online. So then you could order it online and then go pick it up at your local walmart. All righty.
Oh. So that is me sharing with you my favorite beauty products. Available.
At my local walmart and let me know if you would like me to do this for other stores like target or walgreens or whatever come in like a subscrube and comment down below. What are your favorite products at walmart. Thank you for watching.
And i hope that you have a great day boy music. .

cruelty free shampoo at walmart-4
cruelty free shampoo at walmart-4

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