November 30, 2020

The Best Christmas Presents Ever!!

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Guys im camaro welcome back to phase 2 kids babies to kids. Whatss up guys welcome back to our video today so guys when we start to all our presents. Im so sorry im so impressed lets get right to that video all right guys.
Everyones ready so is everyone ready to start we have guys last night. We had really any now look millions. I dont know hmm maybe someone came in then in the name are you gonna start opening our what so the tradition is you guys as we do every morning go and find all the gifts with your name on it and put it into a section.
So you can put them all. Yeah. Yours can be here.
Callie. Yours can be over there. Bye.
Mommy music. Well have a numeral waldo. This is a little bit music all right so weve sorted all the gifts.
So this is camaros on this side yeah. And this is calories on this side hey. But first guys before we get to opening the presents.
We got thank you those could go downstairs. You got that too music music. Ive got a unit to switch games.
Super smash thats necklace for christmas.

the best christmas present ever-0
the best christmas present ever-0

Yeah comment down below gift cards all right so were done with the stockings now its time for the prison. You guys ready oh hit the plus gs music all right so callie go ahead and open your first present from renee and auntie flo your life is gonna be no shortage of alright alright. Right off the bat to camaro from santa wow.
Wow. Wow. Shes big that is sick callie from mommy.
And daddys girl griffin music music look. Camaro has a gift about the same size. Thats weird.
This is one where you take pictures in a light comes outside prints right away right. And i think ill go for this one too candle from kendra music beautiful camaro from nana morning papa boy. They said money papa lloyd what wow.
I think i wanna go for this crazy. One to cali from mommy and daddy look at the nice wrapping job music music camaro from uncle wynton and see ashley and me to come you can have a lol play in lol napkin party with ella laughs. Oh party camaro for mom and dad.
Thanks. You guys music. Wow.
This will blow up and have some nerve mm. Wow. Yeah.
You guys.

the best christmas present ever-1
the best christmas present ever-1

Its like a shield you can hide behind. When youre having a nerf war in the basement. Then from uncle winston and see ashley and mimi hey.
I just fed you what do you have your fingers in your mouth girls yummy. Let me taste been waiting to open that one present mm hmm. Go for it camaro from mom.
And dad. Thank you guys music laughter. Callie and camaro from mom and dad music game boy.
Games. It its a monopoly cash grab game. So it pretty much shoots the money in the air.
And you have to try to grab it oh theres like do you remember used to always be like make it ring to make it really fun to see yeah. The money machine will make it rain come around to cali from mommy and daddy music music music. Its the car from mommy.
And daddy okay. Music music music. Music to camaro from ramaiya.
Nancy. Flow. What kind of lease.

the best christmas present ever-2
the best christmas present ever-2

Yes music. It isnt sunset yep. Its from santa.
What beer twinkle. In his eye oh no so then yes i go like us hey and tas tas santa is his name oh red twinkle in his eye santa its lol outfit of the day. Yeah.
I dont know if its for you or if its for the lol dolls. But either way theres shoes in here. Thank mom thank you mommy music yes see what type of shoes are green arrows are sex dolls are fired go right to county from mommy and daddy track jacket music it matches.
Your unicorn shoes to cali from around the house when you guys are sleeping to hear from mom dad. Thank you guys youre welcome youre welcome can be hiding on either side you versus elijah to kylie from mom and dad music mommy already passed me this one to callie from mommy and daddy. Time.
First laughter. Alright come here go for it buddy well stocking away some wood. We got some swag.
Were opening up. We got a long sleeve nike shirt got a nice blue long sleeve jordan shirt swaggy. Okay.
I love this color look at that alright guys. It is down to the finale. The final gift for each of the kids kids what i need from you is to go sit side by side on the couch.
With your green presence on the couch alright.

the best christmas present ever-3
the best christmas present ever-3

You guys. So it is time for your final gift to camaro from mommy and daddy and you should say the same thing so you guys what do you think your final gift is any guesses puppy you guys ready to open all right go for it. Oh wait dont open the box no calories ready you open it together matching matching shoes.
How sick would that be kiss. Ill be safe we are matching. I know all right all right are you guys ready to see your matching shoes.
Three two one open what whered you guys get you guys got your own bones. We got some durable phone cases. Yeah and listen guys theres no replacement phones.
So dont lose it dont break. It. This is it got it.
Yeah. Yeah you have to college selfie. Sessions go their credit.
Bruh music. Applause music applause music yo qs needless to say theyre happy alright guys heres the aftermath of all the kids presents look at this place. I think you guys did pretty good.
What was your favorite gift guys the foam so thats gonna end our video guys well were gonna see you in their next video. No vacation. Pal and subscribe comment down below and give her a big thumbs up guys thats right guys we hope you guys had an amazing christmas kids and dont forget to subscribe cuz.
We do fun applause music you .

the best christmas present ever-4
the best christmas present ever-4

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