November 30, 2020

The Messengers of God | Bible Stories | Animated Children’s Bible | Holy Tales

who is the messenger of god in the bible This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you The Messengers of God | Bible Stories | Animated Childrens Bible | Holy Tales. Following along are instructions in the video below:
My little friends and my dear ones. Guess whos back were back. We were back.
So holy are you going to tell us new bible stories. Yes. This time.
I am going to tell you the special ones and the ones. Which are my favorites yay. I have a few favourite bible stories too like the story of noah and the animals.
Thats one of my favorites. Too then why dont we start with that yippy once again. Its story time woo hoo once there was an old man who had a very long beard.
His name was noah noah worshiped and obeyed god all the time. He was the only good man in the whole neighborhood. So one day god spoke to him noah you are a good man and i would like you to go away from all the selfish and mean people who are now around you i will need you to build an ark right away and after you are done building it i will make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights.
There will be a huge flood. But your family your animals and you will be safe in the ark. What is an ark holy an ark is a big boat.
Which is very wide. Very long and very very tall and it is made at a very special wood hearing this from god noah went looking for his wife and said. We quickly need to gather food blankets and hay for the animals as soon as we can god said.
Theres going to be a great flood with lots and lots of rain and that do a very long. Time how are we going to live through a great flood. Do not worry about that im going to build a huge ark and our family and animals are going to be absolutely safe in it we should hurry and get started with the preparations.
Very big. It was tall long and very white. It had a window and a big huge floor his neighbors thought noah had gone crazy for building.
Such a huge boat. Why is noah building this enormous boat theres no sign of water anywhere no rivers. No oceans.
Nothing the moment noah finished building the ark clouds started covering the sky. No one heard gods voice. Again noah.
Its time to go gather all your animals your family and get inside the ark. So noah followed gods orders he gathered two of every animal in sight and went inside the ark with his family god shut the door of the ark noah and his family could see from the ark. How this high outside was getting darker and darker everything outside was becoming quiet and scary suddenly.
Noah heard a drop of rain then came down the second from the third one then another and another soon. The trucks became bigger and louder and it came down faster and faster and the rain turned into a huge storm after two days of heavy rainfall. The ark started looked and soon.
It was in the middle of a part ocean rained and rained forty days and forty nights just like god said then after forty days and forty nights. The rain finally stopped the sun began to shine again. So noah sent out a dove.
But the dove came back to the ark. Not being able to find any dry land after a few days. He sent out the dove once again this time it came back with a leaf for the third time.
He released the dove days went by. But the dove never came back nova was very happy he cried finally the storm is over. I think.
It is safe to come out now lets open the door and get out noah and the family and all the animals marched out from the ark onto the dry land. And there was nothing and no one else around noah realized that this was the new neighborhood. That god was talking to him about we have a lot of work to do in this new neighborhood.
We better get started yes. But we first need to give god and offering to show how thankful. We are for saving us from the great flood.
So noah gave god an offering and god was very very pleased i love this story. Yeah me too i am. Glad you kids enjoyed the story alright then should we begin with the story well todays story is called the jonah and the whale long long time ago.
There lived. A man called. Jonah jonah was a prophet.
Who lived in israel. One day. God appeared to jonah jonah.
I want you to go to the city of nineveh and warn the people there tell them that im going to destroy all of them and their city. If they do not stop disobey. Me.
Jonah was not very happy with the job. God asked him to do ninave was a city full of bad people and jonah knew that he was very scared to go there so instead of going to nineveh. He decided to go the other way which would take him far far away from nineveh god would pick someone else to do this particular job of warning.
The people. There jonah got onto his ship. Which was going to the farthest city.
He could find he was feeling really tired. So jonah went down to the bottom of the ship to take a quiet map. God was very angry with jonah for he had disobeyed him.
He knew exactly. Where jonah was caused enormous storm to come up with sailors on the ship were afraid that the storm would sink the ship. He started throwing everything into the sea to lighten the ship storm got worse.
They started praying to god to see jonah knew what the problem was and he also knew that there was only one thing to do god is not stopping the storm. Until jonah did not do the job. God asked him to do jonah asked the sailors to roll him into the sea.
He knew god was there with him to protect him the sailors. Did what jonah asked them to do and immediately the storm quieted and all was calm the sailors where astonished they had no idea. What was happening in the sea.
Jonah sank deeper and deeper. But god had different plans for him. He did not want jonah to drown.
He only wanted him to obey his orders so god sent a huge fish to swallow jonah to take him down to the sea jonah felt very scared he prayed to god for forgiveness for disobeying him finally after three days being inside the dark stinky belly of the fish. The fish rose up to the top of the sea and spit jonah out onto the shore. Jonah.
Then went to the city of nineveh and told them to stop doing all the bad work that they were doing as this was making god. Very angry. The people of the city.
Believed. Jonah and god saved them. Oh.
My my how did jonah. Even managed to live inside. This stinky belly of the fish for three whole days.
Thats because god was there to protect him so. Did you kids enjoy. The story.
Oh yes we loved it come on holy go on with the story all right all right so long long time ago. There was a huge war between the philistines and the israelite listen during that time lived. A young shepherd boy named david the armies of the philistines and the israelites had set up their camps.
Inbetween two cities of socco and a syke philistine army had a warrior named goliath goliath was over nine feet tall. And very strong. There was no one in the israelite army who was ready to fight him they were all very afraid for 40 days every day and every night goliath would come out of his camp and challenge the israelites.
I will fight anyone from the israelite camp and this one on one battle will decide which side has won the war when the israelites heard this they were very scared. Even their king king. Saul.
One day david came to the camp. And he heard goliaths challenge. David was not at all scared.
He had faith in god so. He went up to king saul and said my king. I am ready to fight this giant goliath.
I have all the trust in god. That hes going to protect. Me king.
Saul liked davids courage. He asked him to go ahead. David went to the nearby stream and collected five smooth stones.
Which he could use in his sling to attack the giant while fighting him. When david came in front of goliath to fight him the lieth started laughing loudly. He could not believe that such a young and feeble boy would be ready to fight a giant like him.
While he was busy laughing david used his slingshot to throw a stone right at the center of goliaths forehead. Goliath mediately. Fell to the ground emtire philistine army.
Saw what happened they were so frightened they ran off israelites won the war as years went by david grew up and eventually became the king of israel god had big plans for him so did you enjoy the story. We always liked the stories you tell us holy you are the best storyteller ever haha. Thank you freckles so which story are you going to tell us today well.
I was thinking of daniel in the lions den. Oh thats my favorite go on with it holy. Daniel.
Was a good humble and a hard working man from israel and he was a strong believer of god god knew that daniel had a lot of faith in him. And that he would do anything to glorify him even if it was with his own life. However daniel was captured when jerusalem was defeated by the babylonians in great battle when babylonia fell into the hands of the medes and the persians as days went by the king of persia king.
Darius. Made daniel. An important leader in his own kingdom for his intelligence and courage king darius started growing fond of daniel.
More and more. But the other leaders in king. Dariuss court wasnt not happy about it they did not like that the king had placed daniel above them after all he was a captive and not a true persian.
So all the leaders came together and decided to get rid of daniel. They started making plans on how they could make daniel fall in trouble so.

who is the messenger of god in the bible-0
who is the messenger of god in the bible-0

That he himself would throw him out of his court. Getting rid of daniel was quite difficult for the leaders. Because he always obeyed all the laws of the court.
The only way they could make this happen was be tricking the king into passing a new law. Which stated that everyone had to pray to king darius and no other god those who disobeyed this law would be thrown into the lions den. Even after this law was passed daniel continued to pray to god every day for his kingdom.
When the leaders found him out they were very angry and decided to punish daniel for breaking the kings law. So through daniel into the den of hungry. Lions darius.
Did not want this to happen in the den. Daniel prayed to god for saving him. So god sent one of his angels to protect him from the lions.
The next day. The leaders came back to the den. Only to find daniel without a scratch.
He was alive king darius was so happy that he not only restored daniels position in the court. Also passed a new law that the people of his kingdom should pray to god only oh how i love this story. Every time.
I hear it daniel was so so brave yes. He had all the faith in god and so he was saved from the ferocious hungry lions hearing about the hungry lions is making me hungry lets go get this energy. Yes.
I am. Hungry. Too holy do you want a sandwich.
Oh. No dear thank you for asking. But i would just like to go back to sleep.
I am ready with the story. Im going to tell you today. What is it about well kids wont it be great to be one of the strongest people on the earth.
Well. Todays story is about a man named samson. Who was very very strong and all his strength was a gift from god long long ago in israel.
Lived a man named manoah. He and his wife had no children one day. An angel appeared to manoahs wife.
The angel said you will soon give birth to a child. But remember one thing his hair should never be cut your child will be very special as he will be chosen by god one day. He shall rule israel during this time.
The people had left god out of their lives. They thought they could take care of themselves and not meet gods help what they did not realize was that they will soon need him to help them the people of israel began to get bullied by their enemies. The philistines.
The israelites prayed to god and god heard them. And he sent this chosen baby to manoahs wife. Manoahs wife.
Gave. Birth to a beautiful little boy. And she named him.
Samson. Samson. Grew up the lord blessed him.
He became one of the strongest men in the world once when samson was young a lion attacked samson was filled with gods power and he was able to defeat and kill the lion with his bare hands. The philistines cruelty over the israelites grow more and more every day. This made samson.
Very angry. And he planned a revenge. Samson caught hold of 300 foxes and tied their tails.
Together. Why then he placed flaming torches between them and released the foxes in the grain fields of the philistines samsons action made the philistines. Very very angry now they wanted revenge for their losses as per.
His plans. Samson let himself be caught tied up and taken away by the philistines to be killed. He knew god was there to help him soon after his capture the spirit of god came upon samson.
He became stronger than ever he broke loose of the ropes. Which kept him tied picked afresh jawbone of a dead donkey and with it killed a thousand of the philistines and escaped philistine soldiers went out searching for him. And once again.
Samson was captured the soldiers put him in a city and locked the city gates. But gods strength and power was in samson. And he walked out carrying the city gates on his shoulders.
But soon samson failed god by disobeying him samson. Told. His wife delilah.
All about the secret of his strength. Samson. Did not know that delilah was a philistine spy.
After finding out his secret delilah called in a barber and shaved off samsons hair. While he was asleep. It was then that the philistines attacked samson in his bedroom samson tried his best to fight hard.
But his strength. Its all gone. The philistines blinded him the enemys captured.
The blind and weak samson and made him their slave. They laughed. And made fun of him who was once gods servant soon after all this.
The philistines held a feast to celebrate samsons defeat. They called for him to perform for them and entertain them a boy brought samson and let him lean on the pillars. Which held up the.
Palace where the philistines were having their feast there were more than 3000. Philistines in the room who all went on making fun of him. But samsons hair had started to grow back.
While he was in prison. He prayed to god oh lord give me strength this one last time so that i can take revenge for my last sight with all the faith in god straining and heaving samson. Forced the huge pillars apart the entire place crashing down killing thousands of philistines and samson well this story is so so exciting.
I wish i was as strong as samson. You would be if you had lots and lots of spinach. You i hate spinach.
Then its difficult to become as strong as samson. Youve got to eat healthy to be strong. I promise from today.
I will i will be strong just like samson. I have already thought of a wonderful story to tell you really. Which one the story of the three wise men long long time ago.
Far away in the east three wise kings saw a beautiful star shining brightly in the sky over bethlehem. The three wise kings were king gasper king melchior and king balthazar and they knew that the bright star in the sky was a sign from god so they decided to follow the star and to travel to jerusalem and look for their child. Who was going to be the king of all the jews all they wanted was to honor him the three wise kings traveled on their camels for many days.
They traveled over high mountains huge deserts over vast open plains. But all they did was to follow the bright shining star in the sky. When the king of jerusalem king herod.
Heard about this child being born. He was afraid that he would lose his kingdom. So he carved out a plan to kill him.
He told. The wise men tell me when you find this child. I want to honor him too.
The three wise men. Traveled for days on end and finally reached their destination in bethlehem. They were overjoyed the three wise men.
Entered the house and saw the child with mary. They knew that this child was jesus the son of god they all knelt down before him offering him valuable gifts. Which they got with them they offered him precious gold frankincense and myrrh weds frankincense.
Early frankincense is used in churches to worship. God. The wise man gifted frankincense to jesus to show that he will be worshipped that night when the three wise men left from jesuss house.
They decided not to go back to king herod and inform him anything about the son of god they were warned by an angel in their dream. About king. Herods vicious plan.
So the three wise men traveled back home. Taking a different route. One night joseph had a dream in his sleep.
An angel came to his dream. And warned him about the childs safety. Hurry up and go to egypt.
You have to save the child king herod. Wants to kill him that night mary and joseph left for egypt along with baby jesus. It was after king.
Herods death. That joseph had another dream. The angel appeared in his dream once again.
And said. It is now safe to go back to bethlehem with jesus after this dream. Joseph went back to bethlehem with mary and jesus.
When lord jesus grew up whoa that was such a wonderful story. The weizmann were indeed very wise to keep baby jesus away from king herod. Yes.
That was a fantastic story holy. I am. Glad i hope to see you kids soon for a new story bye bye bye holy we will be back very soon .

who is the messenger of god in the bible-1
who is the messenger of god in the bible-1

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