November 30, 2020

The Republic of Tea Haul | My Favourite teas

republic of tea where to buy This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you The Republic of Tea Haul | My Favourite teas. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone welcome back to my channel today. I just wanted to share with you some some of the teas that i purchased on a website called the republic of tea am such a big tea drinker. I drink tea all the time when im at work when im at home.
I just love drinking tea. I actually make a cup of tea every time. Im craving any sort of sweets or anything like that to refrain myself from eating too much candy or chocolate or chips or whatever.
It is and i just love these teas especially the republic of teas teas. The reason being is because their packaging is just so cute. Its so nice to you know put out on your kitchen for just put out in your kitchen for display.
Its just the packaging is just so nice and the teas are really nice as well um in terms of pricing. It i think the pricing is great because with the yogi teas that i purchase in the yellow boxes those ones compared to these ones. I think these are by far more superior than the yogi teas.
Only that the reason why i say that is because you get a lot more in here and the price of it for what you get from the republic tea is a lot better than the yogi tea. I still like the yogi teas. But i only purchased them when theyre on sale at whole foods err.
But yeah for the most part i enjoy the republic of tea a lot more so lets get into the teas. So my first tea that i want to show you is the get gorgeous teeth. Now this tea is actually one of my favorite teas.
This is probably my third can of this and in each can you get either 36 or i think 50 yeah. 36. Or 50 teabags and i really really enjoy this one.
This one here is a tea for clear skin in terms of clear skin. I dont know how well that works i generally drink a lot of water already. So i attribute my clear skin this it thats not my face right now drinking a lot of water.
I drink about two two and a half to three liters of water a day and on top of that i drink a lot of tea. I probably drink six. Oh yeah.
Four to four to six cups of tea. A day herbal tea of course. Sometimes ill have caffeinated tea as well.
But ill show you that later so anyhow. Lets just read the description on this tea here. It says get gorgeous herb tea for clear skin.
Lets get one thing clear true beauty comes from within. But when it comes to clear skin. Some of us can use a little help so heres good news.
This organic row boys face. Naturally. Caffeine free blend is brimming with antioxidants your skins best.
Friend. Studies. Show antioxidants are champions at fighting free radicals those pesky molecules responsible for aging road both a natural complexion calmer is lovely on its own when joined by soothing chamomile the bright flavor of orange peel and a rainbow of other tasty beneficial herbs.
Its veritable its a veritable superstar who could ask for more on the tea simply. Infuse. Sip and get gorgeous.
So this is just the tea is just really really nice. It has a nice sweet flavor to it and i really enjoy having this hot. But you can also brew this cold as well and just put ice and a little bit of honey or cane sugar in it and having it cold is also really really nice its a nice alternative to drinking pop if you drink pop i dont drink pop.
But if you drink pop that would be it would be a nice alternative. Some of these are really really great brewed cold. And if you have issues with drinking too much soda or sugar.
Sugary beverages. You can actually probably breathe this cold. And just have it as an alternative to all of your sugary drinks.
So the next one that i purchased. I actually purchased a lot so this whole might be a little crazy and you might think why do i have so much tea anyway. The next.
One is the get happy tea this one is just a nice bright tea. I like to have this either in the morning or during the afternoons when i just need a little pick me up its just a really really nice bright happy tea its very um fruity. It has i think it has theres peach and lemon myrtle.
Its just a really nice. Tangy tea and again this one here is really really good cold as well when its icy cold. Its really really nice so i like to brew this cold and then sometimes when im going out for errands or anything.
Like that i like to put it in my little canister and just have it while im out doing errands. The next key is the get smart tea and i just think the packaging on these are so cool like just look at the colors thats so pretty the next. One is the get smart t.
And this t is for memory and focus and in terms of memory and focus. Im not sure how well it works. I just really enjoy the taste as well and i just like variety and teeth.
Thats why i have so many of them. But this one the tasting notes in this the perfect pairing of fruity cranberry and zesty orange. Peel.
Flavors. Meet the rich earthiness of organic raw voice for mental clarity. Drink three to four cups on a daily basis.
And yeah. This is an iced tea and i really like the color. Too the next tee.
I got is this one here now this one guys. This is probably my sixth can of this i love this tee. I love the tee so much that i recommend it to all of my girl co workers at work and they love it as well and its just really really nice.
It has a nice flavor to it um and this one here is great for cleansing. Ill read the description to you guys because i think its a nice description. So its a herb tea for detoxing.
It says had too much of a thing sealing out of balance a bit heavier puffy. Then its time to get clean this gentle herbal blend helps the body itself help the body help this gentle hirable blend helps the body help itself as it stimulates deliver one of our natural cleansing mechanisms. Base and base on organic raw voice.
It includes milk thistle seeds to sweep away thompsons both dandelion and burdock root helps wake up the liver and get gets things flowing their cleansing properties. Encourage healthy digestion and help to keep the kidneys flush. Weve also added red clover and indian sarsparilla both known as effective tonics and purifiers finally a good thing you should indulge in this is my favorite tea.
The tasting notes in this says the full it says full bodied slightly earthy character of organic raw voice meets notes of vanilla and almonds with the merest hint of chicory in this subtle.

republic of tea where to buy-0
republic of tea where to buy-0

Sweet caffeine free blend. Its equal equally pleasing serve hot or iced drink one to two cups on a daily basis. I really really enjoy this tea.
Sometimes when im eating something that is too salty like hotpot or noodles or just. If im having pizza or something like that and i just know that ill wake up with the puffy face. Ill have actually have two or three cups of this after my meal or during my meal so instead of drinking water.
I would actually have tea with my pizza or my noodles or whatever. It is that im eating and i just it just makes me feel better i dont know if its working or not but it just makes me feel better that i drank this and during the holiday season. I actually indulged a lot on chocolate and just you know family dinners and everything like that and i had this around all the time.
And it just made me feel better to drink it because i felt like it was helping me be less bloated and puffy. And you know just help helping me move all of the sodium and stuff that was eating so its not a laxative tea or anything like that its just helping with you know moving things along and just helping all the water excess water come out of you somehow by peeing. I guess im not sure.
But it just makes you feel better when you drink it and the taste is really really nice. Although um. My boyfriend did say that he its not one of his favorite teas.
Because he says that it kind of tastes like play doh. But i think its the almond taste in this one. But i dont taste the play doh nor have i ate play doh.
He hasnt eaten play doh. But he says that it tastes like play doh. I dont think so at all it just tastes really really nice and subtle so if you are going to get anything on the republic of tea.
I highly recommend this one and this next one that i will be showing you actually i recommend this next one that well be showing you but get gorgeous and this one okay so the next one that i purchased is the cup of chocolate tea. Its the red velvet chocolate tea. Its caffeine free.
And it is a world boys tea as well and just look. How cute the packaging is doesnt it look so nice um. Anyway.
When i read one of the reviews on the website for this someone somebody left the review. And they said that it was better than you having a real cupcake. Now although i cant say that its better than having a real cupcake.
I think it is a great substitute to having a cupcake. If youre having a sweet tooth craving. Just a little bit of this and maybe.
A little bit of sugar or a little bit of sugar and almond milk. I think this would be a nice dessert. I dont drink like i said i dont drink most of my teas with milk.
But this one without milk is just as good. It is actually a sweet tea and you can actually taste a little bit of the chocolate chocolate in it so it is great for nighttime when youre having that hankering for what i think this would really help with that craving that you have a nighttime. Its just a really nice dessert tea and i really enjoy this team.
Its just so cute. I love it the next tea. I got was the pumpkin spice tea.
Now. This is a limited edition tea its warm up the its a warm up the day tea. Its a fine black tea blended with natural pumpkin flavoring and warming.
Spices and lets just see. What says. So it says cozy up and sip this warm blend of fine black tea and autumn.
Ole spices. Cinnamon ginger nutmeg and cloves energizing black tea wards off the chill of the crisp fall season a splash of warm milk transformed this tea to pumpkin pie in a cup and i havent tried this yet but im super excited to actually give this a try and what i actually like to do with my tea sometime. Is when i have my protein shake instead of actually mixing my protein shake with water or almond milk.
I actually drew this cold and i just leave it there to brew until im ready to have my protein shake for lunch or something like that and i would instead of using just plain water. I would just use my tea infused water and mix it with my vanilla protein shake and the protein shake. I like to use is my usana nutrimeal and with that that and this and like any of the teeth in the nutrimeal.
It just tastes so nice. Its just something different to your protein shakes. If youre bored of any of your protein shakes thats a tip to keep it nice and spicy.
So thats another option if you dont want to use almond milk or just plain water to mix your protein shaken just use team views water okay so the next one is also a limited edition one i still havent tried this one either. But im excited to try it it is the peppermint bark cool winter. Herb tea and this one actually had really really high reviews on the republic of t.
As well so. I was just really excited to purchase it because of their really rave reviews that people left on this so i havent tried yet. But im super super.
Excited to give this one a try and again the packaging is just so cute how holiday. Festive is this and this one again. If i havent told.
You it is limited edition. And all of the limited edition ones seem to have this sticker on top and the sticker says limited edition. When its gone.
Its gone. So how pretty is that super. Excited to try this one and the next one.
I purchased is this one here its called get restored her tea for recovery toasted coconut caramel organic green robos ramen nut milk thistle dates carob and chicory and this one has 36 teabags in it and the packaging looks like this how pretty is that its such a nice vibrant purple anyhow. The tasting notes in this tea. Say.
It is okay. I think your read it already but roasted ramen nut and carob added. Add notes of caramel to organic green roll boys source from rainforest alliance certified farms enhanced with creamy coconut and sweetened with stevia this blend makes recovering enticing so im excited to try this tea.
Again this this tea. Here had really high reviews on the website as well and i am a runner. So i love to run.
I love to be active. I love to go on walks. I love to walk a lot and sometimes my legs get tired and and by the time i get home.
I do want to brew a nice cup of tea for my sore legs. So um. I dont know how much this will help that but some the people that purchase this left really good reviews for this so i am super excited to try it its a lot of tea.
I know okay the next tea is a high caste now this is part of their high calf line. And the high calf line just means that its high in caffeine like the name says and with this one as well i like to mix it with my protein shakes that i have for lunch. Sometimes when im at work instead of having a full lunch.
I would have a protein shake instead of having a regular lunch like having a sandwich or something.

republic of tea where to buy-1
republic of tea where to buy-1

Like that so i like to switch off my lunch for protein. Shake. Sometimes just to keep myself.
Nice and slim. So with this one here like i said i like to brew it cold. I just put it in some water and then i would put it into my protein shaker cup and just leave it there until im ready to have my shake for lunch.
And i would have i would usually have it with the high calf teeth and i have another one at work tuned. Its the toasted coconut. One.
But this is the one that i have at home and i really really like this tea. Its great for when im having a long night or im going to go watch a movie. And i can never stay awake.
Even having a crapload of espresso coffee like i would have three shots of espresso and i would still fall asleep in the theater. I dont know why i just always fall asleep in the theater. Its just because its just so dark and once its dark.
I just always fall asleep. No matter. How exciting.
The movie is i always fall asleep in the theater. Yeah so but i even have this during my long nights. And it just helps me keep up a little bit more a little bit longer than i usually would yeah.
So yeah. This one here is a really nice tea and again it got really high ratings on the republic of tea as well and im sure this would taste really really nice with them some milk or something like that so it would have a nice deserty taste to it and this one here has 50 teabags in them. And it is the hi calf caramel black tea and this one here actually with the hi katzie.
I forgot to mention that it has more caffeine than a cup of coffee. And it says premium black tea 50 milligrams of caffeine coffee has a hundred milligrams of caffeine. And the caramel.
Black tea has 123 milligrams of caffeine. Sorry. I meant to say caffeine.
So. This has a lot more caffeine than coffee does so thats kind of cool. Its a teeny.
But has a lot of caffeine in it the next one is this one here. Its called get burning herb tea for metabolism. Its the hot cinnamon.
Ginger. Tea and it has 36 bags in it. And i really really enjoy this tea because its just a nice warm spicy tea and it just reminds me of christmas.
Ill tell you what the ingredients are in here. Or the tasting notes. The tasting notes are sea buckthorn at artful healthful.
Fruit. Adds. A tangy sweetness that pairs nicely nicely with the zingy chili pepper spiciness of this organic green roe boys base blend source from rainforest alliance certified farms yes and have green raboy cinnamon ginger chili holy basil cordyceps black pepper and this is what the packaging looks like and its just a nice like i said a nice warm spicy tea that tastes to me like christmas and its just great for when youre feeling slugging your you just need a nice zing to your day.
I really really enjoy this tea for christmas. I mean christmas morning time and it just smells so nice like ginger and cinnamon a nice spicy flavor. I really really enjoyed this one and last but not least the next one i got was the oh dandelion tea.
Oh actually theres this one too. But ill show you this one first okay. So this one here is the dandelion tea and this one here.
I bought because i actually read that dandelion helps with loading and it helps with relief of water retention. So i dont know how well that works but i just bought it because i actually like to eat hotpot and i like to eat a lot of hot pot. And because theres so much sodium in there i just like to have this for you know security purposes.
I dont know like i said. I dont know how well it works. But when i have a little bit too much hot pot on the weekends.
I like to just brew. This and take it with me and have it before or after i finish. Having my hot pot dinner or lunch.
And its just really really nice with this one here and also this one got really really hot reviews on the republic of tea as well it just has a really nice vanilla flavor to it its very subtle. But very its just a nice sweet tea. You wouldnt really think that dandelion is sweet.
But this t here is just a really nice sweet tea and if you like vanilla. You would actually you will actually enjoyed this tea a lot because um. It has although its subtle you can taste the vanilla and its this is the nice teeth and it brews really really dark too.
So the tea comes out really really dark. Surprisingly oh and the last tea that i got was the get relaxed tea. Its a herb tea for relieving stress.
And the tasting notes are aromatic. Lavender. And rose flavors.
And its a rooibos blend. As well. And it says for daily relaxation drink one cup a day for especially stressful days drink two to three cups and just look at the packaging.
How pretty is this purple color. I have not tried this yet but im super excited to try it because this weekend. I am just going to relax and im gonna have this tea and take a bath and put a hair mask and face mask on and just have a nice relaxing weekend to myself so im super excited to try this tea people left great reviews on it as well so i am excited to give this a try so if i were to recommend any teas here.
If you were to purchase on the republic of tea. I would recommend getting the get gorgeous the get clean. And what else oh this dessert tea.
This is a must have if you have a sweet tooth. Because it will help you eat less sugar and you know this is just red velvet. How can you say no to red velvet.
Its just really nice yeah. So i would recommend this this this and this so this like i said tastes like christmas. If you like the taste of christmas.
However christmas tastes you then you would really really enjoy this i love this spicy tea. Its really really nice cold or hot. So yep that is my haul for the republic of tea.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you want to watch more then please subscribe. I think that is it okay thanks for watching guys have a good one bye. .

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republic of tea where to buy-2

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