November 25, 2020

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Applause music. You music a little tiny little face. Oh.
My goodness. I do not not get tired of looking at him. He i only see boy whenever i see kid so he has a little boy and um.
He does have flashes already rooted which are not as thick. Asked my little girls or as long. But theyre still fairly long.
Let me. See you can see maybe and um. And i mean.
Hes going to be a blonde. A little boy and his little hands i love that hand i love this little hand. He is precious.

reborn baby dolls twins for sale-0
reborn baby dolls twins for sale-0

My gosh. Hes so cute. Hes not as good as hes coming off in on camera.
The lamp that i said that i was gonna throw on for extra lighting. It does not have like those clear white bulbs. Which thats what i have to do switch him over to that.
But yeah here he is the famous twin be his little mouth is one of the reasons. Why i why i love this kid. I loved your little mouse came oh so pretty and his little shiny tongue is in there.
I dont think yeah. His little mouth. I did different as what i mean by different is i did not heavily gloss his lips.
Because i want him to be a boy. I only do that to um. My little girls he has textured eyebrows.
Which are very very light being wispy because and theyre what i mean by texture is that theyre bumpy like the hair strokes.

reborn baby dolls twins for sale-1
reborn baby dolls twins for sale-1

You can actually feel the hair strokes. And i did put shine inside his mouth like his little tongue of course inside his mouth hung of course and smells and i put little drops like of moisture on the corners of his eyes. Oh let me show you his little head which i love he is not weighted.
I just couldnt wait i just cant dont make me talk spanish heres his little scope. Hes still about iwan fals. My god you can see all his little things my famous signature little vein is mottling.
I tend to do the mottling a bit heavier the pigmentation on death mounting on the head. I tend to go a little more heavy because the hairs gonna cover it and if he they have very thin hair. I like for it to seep out from the hair a little bit.
So yeah. He is just oh my gosh. Hes so cute his shading came out really well.
I dont know you can tell the shading here. Does he have like really prominent um like invitations in his skull. So i tried my best to like shade around them something i can pop a little perfect.
And i i might end up keeping this baby.

reborn baby dolls twins for sale-2
reborn baby dolls twins for sale-2

But if i keep him im gonna have to you know sell one of the ones in my personal collection because i im one of those people that doesnt i cant do too many babies at once because its a bit overwhelming also because i paint them theres a lot of babies going through my home. And so i i want it i like i should say i like to keep my personal collection at a minimum of 5. I wish i could even go to 3.
But thats pushing it and really hard for me to do but yeah he came out so cute im gonna insert pictures of him in the end because the pictures tend to pick up a lot of his details. A little bit of his coloring. Hes a very new born ish.
But like pinky he has a very pinky pale skin tone with just the right amount of pink blushing. I wanted him to have really rosy cheeks dear lord hes gorgeous and he looks so real i am tempted to run to target with him just for the reactions of lanka that i know that he will get because his painting is so pretty. Hes just a beautiful kiss.
His painting is so pretty. Hes just a beautiful sculpt. His features are amazing his little froggy legs are so cute and exactly exactly like a real babies.
My gosh caitlin had little likes like this when she was born. But yeah thats my little boy for you i cant wait to start on his hair. But i have two other babies that need rooting no one so as soon as im done with that one im gonna start on him.
I might go very light brown. But well see .

reborn baby dolls twins for sale-3
reborn baby dolls twins for sale-3

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