January 24, 2021

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So what you guys just saw. Right now is beatrix getting her new matrix pad pad z1. Its an android tablet the pad.
Actually comes in a case like so here is the android pad right here. This is the case that it goes in it is a very very nice case. It is very durable perfect for little kids.
The design is actually made from a kids safe evie a from rubber materials. This is a 360 degree adjustable stand so when the kids are looking at it they can stand it up and watch movies on it or we can turn it this way right here you can stand it up that way if you wanted to look at it that way it actually has this 3d design right here. And this is to remove heat and enhance the shock absorption.
So if the kids drop this or anything it actually holds up really really well and im gonna show you guys how to actually put it into the case right here you just put one side in press down on the other and thats it it has this special app. Thats called kiddos.

kids tablets at best buy-0
kids tablets at best buy-0

Very kid friendly music. Theres a big selection of different games. Look at that these all come pre installed with the app.
Theres one that the kids really like to play. And that is this one right here. Pizza party.
And this is just a fun memorizing game that you could play if you guys are used to abc mouse. It actually has that app installed so you can have several different accounts for your children. They can all have their own accounts.
You can add two three four five for the parental settings. Its just right up here on the right.

kids tablets at best buy-1
kids tablets at best buy-1

And there we go goes into parental control. The thing. I was most worried about was the time limit of the kids staying on these im going to show you how to adjust that here click here activate time limit control then youre going to want to set the daily usage time.
I just want to show you guys one more app. Right here. And thats the paint box.
This is probably my most favorite app. You can draw here theres coloring pages. Where you can color eight different animals.
Im going to pick the cat right here and you can paint it very simply check out the android tablet matrix pad z1 for the kids here it is right here go check them out its a really affordable gift that i think a lot of kids would really enjoy do you like it do you like watching movies and playing games. Yeah okay links will be in the description. .

kids tablets at best buy-2
kids tablets at best buy-2

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