December 3, 2020

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Guys welcome back guess who i have with me today. I have my full body body reborn. The one that i mentioned that i opened the clue weeks ago.
He finished ahh not entirely. I mean he still got a little bit of work. Which is like his stuffing and glassy the magnet installation and all that stuff.
But and his hair. He still needs work on his hair. Thats why youre going to see him.
But with a little hat. And i hope. The lighting is ok um.
Im back home in the woods on and its 10 oclock at night. So. But i couldnt wait and my computer.
It hates me right now so i finally got it to work so i want to do this video before it completely dies and i can upload this video until i get a new one because my chromebook does not do editing. Anyway let me stop rambling. Im really excited about this baby.
Oh. My gosh you guys. Hes of you i love him.
Hes adorable. I hope you guys like ok without further ado lets get to the baby.

reborn baby boy dolls cheap-0
reborn baby boy dolls cheap-0

Ok. Lets get his little bunny friend. Oh.
So basically is a blanket reveal. He is um completely um. Nakey.
Because hes a full body. So i dont know whats the dealio with nakey parts like the little boy parts. But everybody does the usual disclaimer saying.
There will be fake baby private parts shown in this video. So if youre the type that doesnt like seeing baby. Parts.
Then just dont watch the video not much i else i can do about it or. But the whole point of having the full body is to show the full body. So.
Yeah. Lets start with this little seat let me bring you guys down luke. And then his little.
I will take pictures. Um and um. And do close ups.
And you guys will see him again. Its just for a quick sneak peek and then his little body and the face let me bring it up here comes this little face.

reborn baby boy dolls cheap-1
reborn baby boy dolls cheap-1

Hes running a little oh hot because like i said he is not finished. But luke it is you guys. Hes so cute he is adorable man i get it off.
Im gonna take the camera off the tripod so you guys could get maybe a better look with this camera. But yeah let me just lightly turn him he is not completely you know he doesnt have his like inside the weight material. He doesnt have any of that in him yet.
But he is his paint job is completely finished and he sealed and matted and his little face is so darn cute how can you not like these babies. I mean seriously theyre adorable. So yeah.
There is mr no name i have not named in me. Im still in the middle of that. But because i still need to like take out all the strings from his body cuz.
Hes on up. He has a regular cloth body underneath. I guess i can take this off if i ever want him to be more squishy or floppy.
But i like it especially if you make videos on youtube with these babies it looks it looks nicer than the crossbody although i like the cloth body for the cuddle factor. Ok. I got you guys off the tripod to try and catch a bit of his features.
Oh honey bellybutton is a boy bit his little feet like i said im gonna once i stuff him and hes weighted properly. Im going to do a close up im going to wait for daylight to do a close up of head to toe of him. But for now.
This is gonna have to do hes adorable okay found a cipher and oh it says dont call me chubby. Im all muscle sort of match of the little owl hat that he had thats that belongs to um a pair of jammies.

reborn baby boy dolls cheap-2
reborn baby boy dolls cheap-2

Hes a little stiff like i said. Hes basically just tied into place. Oh god i did this backwards.
I should know better right after the twins that i had this is a size one i think they fit in perfect. Hes actually a little bigger than what i anticipated which i dont mind. Because i love chunky baby can we go.
So yeah. Hits routing. Is the style looking over here.
Its a little different than charlotte. The direction. I took that is its coming out really nice.
But he has a little ways to go before im done with his hair. I cant wait to see him with the hair. Hes adorable.
Oh. My goodness go for him hey. He has touched eyebrows.
Very light one he has my signature little vain this little wayne that i have right here. I know you guys probably cannot see it but that i call him my signature vain. Because i put on and put it on all my babies because when lucas was born he was very very pale.
Almost translucent and he had the brightest green vein on this side of his face. And i loved it so i i put it on on my baby.

reborn baby boy dolls cheap-3
reborn baby boy dolls cheap-3

Oh cute. So what do you guys think let me know what you guys think i hope you guys love him as much as i do i think hes amazing. His little cheeky anyway you guys.
Thats it for today. Hopefully. My computer will make it a couple of more weeks.
So im able to get another one because my editing software and all that is in that computer and i am loop right now because it turned on by miracle. I am. I have an external hard drive.
And i am transferring all my photos and videos and important things that i have in that just in case. It sighs because ive had that happened to me in the past and that is not fun. Thats actually made me cry in the past because ive lost photos that were really really important like holiday photos and that things pretty bad when you lose it everything like that so yeah you guys.
Thats it for today. I just wanted to show you this my sweet little boy and let me go on and then my stuff. Oh my god my entire house is upside down.
Because we are painting in the middle of fancy katys room. And that girl had so much in that tiny little room. And but i understand cuz her walls and the borders were like pink and hot and like a darker pink and she wants it shes going to be 13 so she wanted a preteen so we chose a really pretty purple.
E lavender color and she has a purple rug so it should look really nice once its finished. But us for right now the entire house is upside down and in the midst of all that i found the time to film this video. So let me get back to her room.
And at least finish the edges by today. But tonight. I should say.
But yeah. Thank you guys very much for watching. And as always the ladies and i will see you in our next video bye guys you .

reborn baby boy dolls cheap-4
reborn baby boy dolls cheap-4

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