April 15, 2021

Troy-Bilt Pony Review After 8 Years | Pros \u0026 Cons

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Hey guy. Thats flip. Ive done a bunch of how to videos on on my troy built pony.
But ive never done an actual review so after years of using it thats what im gonna do now heres the yard. Ive been cutting with it its about three quarters of an acre including the front yard. And ive been cutting it about once a week for eight years.
So first off the model number if you ever wanted to know where the model number is on one of these. Its under the seat. So you just flip the seat up and stickers right here.
You could see the model number right here. And then the date of manufacturers right here you can see this one has made march 2012. So first of all i know the new ponies that just came out have some new features that this 2012 model doesnt have and ill go over some of those with you at the end of the video.
But first. Im gonna go over the specs of this machine and then tell you about the pros and cons that ive discovered over the eight years of using it so im just gonna kind of start in the front and work my way around so. Heres your steering rod this is where you drain your oil.
It has kind of gritty floor mats here which is nice so you dont slip. Its a 42 inch deck it is side discharged but you cant attach a mulching kit. If you like its a key start it has a manual pto and a manual deck lift lever with five settings it comes with a low back.
Seat that is adjustable. It takes. A 12 volt battery.
And it has a rear. Tow. Hitch.
Here. Is your forward neutral. Reverse.
Shift. Lever. This model will not cut in reverse.
This is your speed control lever and parking brake and this is your throttle choke lever and this is your clutch brake pedal it comes with a metal hood this is the fuel filter this is the air filter. I just replace those yesterday. I also washed it yesterday thats why its so clean its not normally this.

troy bilt lawn mower reviews-0
troy bilt lawn mower reviews-0

Clean this is your gas tank its 13. Gallons. This is your oil dipstick comes with a briggs and stratton engine.
17 and a half horsepower 500. Ccs. And it has a top speed of about five and a half miles per hour.
Its also got a cup holder and a little storage compartment right here. So ive tried to take pretty good care of it over the years i keep it in my garage. So its out of the elements of course.
I do all the basic maintenance change. The air filter change the fuel filter. It doesnt have an oil filter.
But obviously change the oil every 50 hours. Ive loss of toe pins. So i just use a bowl for that i do like to haul around my dump car.
Quite a bit in the backyard. I also lost the seat adjustment knob and i made a video about this repair. I just use a bolt and some loctite to keep the seat where i want it ive only had to replace the battery once in 8 years.
I lost part of the deck washed out setup here a little piece that the brass bolt screwed into not a big deal i didnt use that a whole lot anyways. I like to just clean under the deck manually and ive also repainted underneath. I have replaced the blades that came with with gator blades and ive got a video about that as well and of course.
Ive had to replace some light bulbs over the years thats a super. Easy process you just spin the socket replace the bulb and then spin it back in all right now the pros and cons. So im gonna do the cons first and then ill do the pros.
So the first con is that the deck is a little bit annoying to get off. But its not too bad. The gas tank is a little on the small size.
Some riding mowers have tanks that are 2 to 3 gallons. And this one is only one point 3 gallons. Which means youre going to be filling.
It a little more often another con on these is that the drive belts do not look easy to change. I havent had to do it yet personally. But i seeing people do it and im not looking forward to the day.

troy bilt lawn mower reviews-1
troy bilt lawn mower reviews-1

I have to change him it also does not have anti scalp wheels. But some of the new models of ponies do so you just have to be careful when youre not on super level ground. So you dont scalp your grass.
Ive read about some people having issues with these steering rods. I havent had any issues with mine. But if it does break it is a pretty easy fix one thing.
I dont like about the steering rod being right here. And i know this is the same for a lot of mowers made by mtd such as yard man. And toro and murray and cub cadet is that its right in the way of where you need to drain the oil.
So i did come up with kind of a workaround to that by putting a brass nipple in here with a cap on it. Then i use a cut up oil bottle underneath to drain the oil. So i have a couple videos on that if you want to check that out or you can use like a stens drain valve or a drains at hose.
Another thing. Ive read a lot about people having issues with is the belts whether its popping off or fraying and breaking. But for whatever reason thankfully.
I havent had any issues with that i keep thinking this is a year. Im gonna have to replace at least one belt and it just hasnt happened yet after eight years. Its still got the original belts.
I know the reality is im probably gonna have to change one soon. But it at least so far. I havent had to change any belts.
Yet and then another con just based on opinion. I guess is that this model cant cut in reverse for safety reasons. So the new model can cut in reverse you just have to put the key in a separate setting and a warning light comes on.
But this model cannot do that all right now the pros. I like the fact that it has a metal hood. I like the fact that there is easy access to the air filter and the fuel filter of course.
I like the fact that i havent had to do any major repairs over the eight years. Ive owned it i also like the fact that the deck and the spindles have held up nicely it does have maintenance free spindles which im sure ill have to replace at some point. But i havent had to do it yet.
I also like the fact that its pretty easy to level the deck. There is an adjustment right here for side to side and theres an adjustment in the front for front to back. And ive got a video about that as well i feel like its a pretty smooth ride.

troy bilt lawn mower reviews-2
troy bilt lawn mower reviews-2

I have thought about switching the seat out for a seat with the higher back. Im also on the original spark plug never had to change the spark plug after eight years. It always seems to start on the first turn for me even after sitting all winter.
But probably the biggest pro for me is the price. Its affordable when i bought this i got it from lowes and i believe at the time. It was around 1000.
Now theyre sold at home. Depot and i think theyre up to around 1300. But at the time it was around 1000.
And i had a 10 off coupon for moving so it was only about 900 dollars before taxes so that was probably the biggest pro for me was affordability so as far as the new troy bilt ponies. Go there are some things that are the same and some that are different and just for the record. I dont have any experience with one of the new ponies.
Im just going by what ive noticed on the website. And what ive seen up at the store. So the first thing.
I noticed is that the steering rod is still in the way of the oil drain port. The new ones do come with a stennes valve which i dont know how long those last being plastic. But that will at least make it easier for a while the new pony can cut in reverse as i mentioned earlier.
But it also comes with a smaller engine. Its only 439 ccs and it doesnt give you the horsepower there are a few different models of the pony theres a 42 x. Which is a little bigger.
It has a 547 cc engine. And it also comes with anti scalp wheels. And that one actually has an oil filter.
And its about fifty dollars more than the standard pony. They also recommend 10w30 oil with the new ponies. Then they have a smaller.
One now. Theres a pony with a 36 inch deck and that one comes with the smaller engine as well its 382 ccs. But then the biggest difference is that the new ones come with troy bilt engines.
Which im not too familiar with mine has it brings astride in the engine. Which i know some people arent the biggest fan of but ive never had any issues with mine so the new troy bilt engine might push me away from the new ponies. But obviously you can make that decision for yourself.
If you have any input on those engines feel free to put a comment below the video and thats it thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel music. .

troy bilt lawn mower reviews-3
troy bilt lawn mower reviews-3

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