November 30, 2020

ULTIMATE Air Conditioner – NEW U Shape Design AC 2020 Midea

low profile window air conditioner This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you ULTIMATE Air Conditioner – NEW U Shape Design AC 2020 Midea. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Todays video. Im gonna be showing you what might be the best room room air conditioner. Youve ever seen.
And i say that because it starts with great design. This thing can literally float inside of a window. And you can even open the window.
While the air conditioner is in it but on top of it it is the quietest air conditioner. You can buy today. But even with all that cooling capacity the cost to run.
It is one of the lowest on the market because it uses inverter technology. So lets take a closer look at what makes this air conditioner. So special first lets take a look at what they include in the box.
The important thing to remember is everything is in this box from most installations. You should not need to buy anything else these weve included some extra screws and brackets. If you need them the company who makes us his name idea.
Now youve probably never heard of them i never had but theyre actually a 40 billion dollar company that specializes in air conditioners and with this one they took a high tech design. And they split it in the middle.

low profile window air conditioner-0
low profile window air conditioner-0

And youll see why this makes such a difference. They also made another big improvement and thats with installing an air conditioner. Now as many of you may know its easy to drop an air conditioner out a window.
And it can even be a safety hazard. But with this support platform. Its totally different installation starts by just opening your window.
Its got to be a double hung window. You cant use this on casement windows and of course. If you have a screen like this you either got to pop it out or slide.
It up out of the way now you just need to adjust the platform to fit your window. Now theyve made this pretty easy. Because youre just gonna slide those brackets around and then insert those pins to the correct position you can make adjustments until you get that platform completely level.
I could have done this next part in the window. But i wanted to give you a better shot. Youre just gonna adjust the bracket to fit the width of the window and those little pushpins make it really easy and once its tight you can set it back into the window.
And now youve got your platform ready to go now were just gonna take the air conditioner and were gonna set it onto the bracket you can slide it around a little bit make some adjustments to make sure. Its perfect.

low profile window air conditioner-1
low profile window air conditioner-1

And you can already see that this air conditioner is a very unusual design. But its not just for looks you can open and close that window whenever you want. But when you open the window.
Now you can let fresh air in but your air conditioner is still in place and a cool design as well you lose those big accordions that many of us are used to on the sides of the windows and as you can see the window cannot close completely. So we do need some filler material on each side of the air conditioner. But my dia includes a special high density foam right in the box.
Im gonna need to mark it and cut it but the good news is its very easy to cut in fact in this case. I just used a regular kitchen knife. And i no problems whatsoever making the cut you just have to put the blocks in place.
And youre ready for a nice tight seal. Now you can install this differently. You can screw things down you can even use things like boards or brackets to make sure that the window cannot be open as we power up the air conditioner.
Youre gonna see the first unusual feature and thats this electronic door or shutter. Now when its closed its great because it keeps the dust out. But when it turns on it as a special feature called swang now if youve ever been in a room with a big air conditioner.
It just blows on you the whole time it can get really cold. But with this door opening and closing like this it breaks up the air and kind of makes it a little bit more gentle and it feels more like a natural breeze.

low profile window air conditioner-2
low profile window air conditioner-2

Because you dont have those big accordions you get a lot more sunlight around the sides of the air conditioner. But the best feature of all is this 45 decibels is the quietest air conditioner that you can buy and when we put it on its low setting now were at almost 41 decibels. This is unheard of for a room air conditioner and remember with this design you can open your window at any time and this is pretty amazing because if its nice weather outside.
But you dont want to run your air conditioner. Now you can actually get air flow around the air conditioner. But you dont have to take it out of the window features dont do you any good.
If you cant use them. But the best thing here is it connects to your iphone your android and you can even talk to it through alexa and google home so all those features you can actually make use of just by talking or using the simple out maintaining this thing is super. Easy.
Theres no filters to buy you just have to pop the grille off once in a while and this reusable washable filter can easily be removed cleaned up and put right back in only show you products that i actually like and when i got this. I didnt think i would like it at all or even think. It was a big deal.
But i truly believe this is a very unusual design and with the benefits like noise reduction and cutting your power bill. Its a real improvement on old type air conditioners. So if youre looking for one this might be something you consider and hopefully you liked this video and you got to see a new unique product.
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low profile window air conditioner-3
low profile window air conditioner-3

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