November 20, 2020

Why I Dropped Out Of School At 13

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s up guys. Hows it going welcome to todays video today shout out out to my latest patron goes to bowie funky. Thank you very much for the thank you all of you for the support.
Oh. You know yesterday i lost my drone and you know yesterday. I was feeling i wasnt like bummed that i lost the drone.
But i was kind of baffled off like i cant believe my drone actually is at the bottom of the ocean off like i just its a weird thought. We are going to go down to the beach and start the day off with a surf and man. It is so hot out its like 7 30.
8. Oclock. And it is blazing.
How could you be lying in the sun product on product hana is it not too hot out to lie in the sun. Oh the lia crazy dog thats a good fun music music applause music applause music applause music lets go back for my serve and what im having for kind of like a. I didnt really have that much for breakfast.
All i had was a cup of orange juice as well as that apple that i found on that tree on my way to the beach. Which is pretty cool. But now im having some hashbrowns with ketchup and then some got your pinto.
Which is just beans and rice mixed together cooked up this these were this is leftover from yesterday. This is just right now. So its easy to forget that the simplest foods can sometimes just taste the best especially.
When youre like really hungry or you just did like a sport or an activity where you like root after youre in after youre like really tired like and the waves were so so you know the main thing about going surfing is just getting in the water. So it feels nice to get in the water get it good wave. Thats just like a bonus.
So i was able to get a few waves. So theyre like bonus waves mmm so good so good maybe i have like two plates. Like this thatll be good to go.
And guess he would also do today and unfortunately i did not find my drone while i was out surfing. I was so sure that it was going to be washed up on the beach rate where i went surfing. But it wasnt at least.

how old do you have to be to dropout of school-0
how old do you have to be to dropout of school-0

My drone gets to hang out with alec from alec and wild owens gopro be like best friends go explore the ocean. Oh okay were done with that delicious lunch. It was very very yummy now.
Im going to head down to the beach back. Boats with just my bike and my gopro in my mouth. Ah you know sometimes i always feel like.
Alan oh. I got to take my different cameras and different accessories and stuff. But its really easy to forget that with maybe just like just a gopro you can actually make a really cool video.
So thats why im taking and im not taking my backpack or anything because i may do some tree climbing may leave my bike may go in the water just go with the flow and trusty gopro music. Applause applause music rock beach. But sadly is a coconut again.
So coconuts. Asian here today so no coconuts today. Music.
Applause music music music. Music. Just got back from the little from the beach and getting a few little barrels from you know that was really really fun we just happen to get theyre rated like dead low tide.
And i went out in the water was able to pull into a few little barrels. They were kind of really fast and cloak were closing out. But it was still very fun you know we may have to return to that tomorrow at the same time so we can get maybe a few more little tubes.
Its just such an awesome feeling when youre just like in this capsule of water. So cool okay bro click on to talk about a little quick topic and then thatll be it i dont have to do the quotes. People always think that the reason.
I started doing homeschool is because i was like maybe a bad kid at school or i was getting like bad grades or i was being bullied and you know none of those none of those things are true the reason. I was actually the one who wanted to start doing homeschool. I was actually telling my parents can i please start hell in school can i please start homeschool and at first they they were like no no no no and then they one day they actually let me.
But the reason i wanted to do homeschool is because well i wanted to have more time to surf. I want to have more time to make videos like this one because i was just starting now and id only made a few videos and i realized i liked making videos and i wanted to keep making more and from what ive seen everyone else who was doing homeschool. They seem to always have like just more time in their day like because they werent spending like six seven hours at school.

how old do you have to be to dropout of school-1
how old do you have to be to dropout of school-1

They had more time to do other things and you know im not saying that homeschool is perfect for everyone i think that for some kids going to a normal school and for some kids doing homeschool both can both could work better for different people depending. You know how you work if you like being around other kids. More.
If youre like having more time to do other things so yeah. The main reason. I started homeschool is because i wanted to have more time to do more stuff like making videos like this because i know if i went to a normal school and i went from maybe seven eight in the morning all the way until like 3 00.
4 00 in the afternoon. There was no way i would have time to make as many videos as ive been making because like you just. I just wouldnt have enough time because.
The suns not out long enough and unless are else id be making pretty much all my videos at night. You know its really cool is doing home school. I never get homework i never get homework.
Its the coolest thing ever because i do all my work at home so our weights weight okay you could think of it like i only have home i only do homework. And i never go to school you could also think of it like that but anyways. And whats kind of funny is people who maybe are new to my channel.
They just recently found me they some people think that i dont have school and i dont go to school. I dont do anything i just have all this free time and you know its the reason. It seems like that is because im able to get my work done so much quicker so in a few hours.
I can be done with all my work and then i can have the rest of the day to know go adventuring go surfing and go doing other sports that i enjoy doing and i can also do all my work at nighttime. If i want to but i usually dont do that and todays positive quote is actually sent to me from patrice. Si.
And thank you very much also thank you very much patrice for being a patron. Appreciate it a ton alright this quote go something like this you hear the tree falling not the forest growing or do you see the tree falling and not the forest grind. What this code means to me is that it is super easy to get stuck.
Only scene. We come in the habit of only seeing the stuff that isnt going right even if all these other things are working out. And one thing isnt going right or as planned its easy to just like get set for your mind gets stuck focusing on that.
And youre like youre like this isnt working so when it seems like nothings working when the reality is its like just just that this just that like a very small portion of all the stuff youre doing isnt going right. But then if you step back and you see all the different things youre doing how many things are actually going right how many things youre improving on youre progressing all right hope you enjoyed todays video remember to keep always doing awesome stuff. And ill see you guys smile early in the morning.
And this is my twentieth day of daily vlogs music. .

how old do you have to be to dropout of school-2
how old do you have to be to dropout of school-2

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