September 27, 2020

Why Pay Taxes When The Government Keeps Printing More Money?

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I just think this approach were taking a loan for a loan for a loan loan for a loan for loan. I mean when does it ever end so the then becomes about the taxpayer whos pissed off and saying let me get this straight you can constantly bail yourself out and you can constant go print money with this quantitative easing why the hell do i have to pay taxes why do i pay taxes if you can you know no this goes to your argument over the socialism. But why do i pay taxes.
Thats slightly different than the concept of socialism cuz socialism is to give me stuff right. But why do i pay taxes. Thats right for my big 40th birthday lunch.
There were at the time that i had lunch with richard fisher. Who was my boss there were riots in the streets of athens and we ended that lunch with me saying. Whats your greatest concern and his answer was i worried.
That fed policy is going to eventually land us in the same spot as where greece finds itself back then with riots in the streets. Now take my example of the state of illinois. Youre youre a chicagoan your 401k has been decimated because youre one of millions of americans whove been told to keep your money in the stock market.

who is being taxed when more money is printed?-0
who is being taxed when more money is printed?-0

No matter what and theres theres theres no other school of thought youve got countless investment advisers. All giving the identically same advice to all of them. So your joke you 401k holder and youre pissed off and youve lost a good chunk of your savings and you know youre gonna have to tack at least another decade onto your work life to make up for what youve lost.
Now. The city of chicago has just bailed out its pension again. So youre told that your property taxes and your state.
Income taxes are going to have to rise to pay for it. Lets just say social security and medicare run out of money. So youre also told by the great people in washington.
That your federal taxes are going to have to go up as well so youre bailing out the pensioners youre bailing out the federal government. Youre bailing out corrupt state politicians and unions who knows. Though who have given way too much more than they could ever afford to pay for and your next door neighbors a fireman whos living great.

who is being taxed when more money is printed?-1
who is being taxed when more money is printed?-1

And hes set for life. These are the seeds of social unrest in this country you can only drive so big of a wedge between the haves and the have nots especially when youre getting out the middle class in the process. If you make very very little in america.
Today. And im talking about today 25 percent of americans who qualify for unemployment insurance are going to make more money in the second quarter than they would if they had not lost their job. Thats how big unemployment thats how big the stimulus bill is by taxing about one more time.
Say that one more time. So the stimulus bill tacks on 600 for every american what they get paid by collecting unemployment insurance so 25 of americans who are going to be out of the workforce. Okay are going to make more in the second quarter april may and june than they would have had they kept their job.
So if you make very little in america today. Youre gonna get through this. If youre worth a ton of money youd long since gone to cash lets get honest.

who is being taxed when more money is printed?-2
who is being taxed when more money is printed?-2

If youre part of that. 1. If youre in the middle.
Youre screwed and youre pissed and youre a taxpayer. And thats why i say this could be such a ground roots source. That this this could be a generational change that brings about im looking at abraham lincoln.
Im inspired that brings about a genuine change in how we approach our leadership in america and im all for it im not all for american families hurting at all dont get me wrong. But we have gone through multiple iterations of gutting out our middle class. You cant do that for too long you lose loyalty you cant i mean you want me to pay taxes.
I dont know if im paying taxes. But i mean do something with the money im giving and actually deliver on your promises instead of taking what if you dont want to do universal basic income and impose socialism what if you actually hold dear to your american ideals and you want to work hard for a living. Then your even more pissed off.

who is being taxed when more money is printed?-3
who is being taxed when more money is printed?-3

Oh thats the community. Im talking about im not talking about the community of semi free money. Im not talk about free money im talking about hey instead of talking about thousand dollars universal income andrew yang policy that became a hit in the democratic presidential campaign that was going on im talking about rather than that what about if you do something that is not paying taxes for a certain amount what for i mean im not anyways thats a whole different conversation.
I dont want to go to another part. But theyre in mind to your point before you move on the federal reserve monetizing. The us debt is what enables all of this oh great there role i and i understand that but also at the same time.
I want to i want to make sure that if i am getting to work and im working there im the middle guy not the middle or the top. Im talking the person in the middle. The middle person is like oh i cant wait to get these checks gonna be great lifes gonna be better than what i was getting paid to twenty five percent making less than fifteen bucks.
An hour so you know how that numbers gonna work out the guys at the top. Theyre like listen im gonna be fine everythings gonna be cheap im gonna buy stuff on sale right now im gonna make more money today than ever before those guys are fine the middle guy. Thats doing his part her part thats the person that i can understand why theyre pissed off.
Why they would want to see some kind of reforms taking place you music. .

who is being taxed when more money is printed?-4
who is being taxed when more money is printed?-4

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