October 15, 2020

WoW Guide – Blood of Sargeras – Quickest Methods

how to get blood of sargeras fast This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you WoW Guide – Blood of Sargeras – Quickest Methods. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Is shown here your guide to warcraft and im doing a video today on on getting bloods of sargeras now. The expansion has been out for a few months. And you probably know by now.
That you can just get bloods of sargeras through participating and random stuff that legion has to offer now the main reason. Im making this video is because the other day. I was on my warrior.
And i have blacksmithing as a profession and i need a lot of bloods of sargeras to level up my blacksmithing and i didnt want to play it as an all for months and months and just try and get them as i went along. I kind of want to get the blood to sargeras as quickly as possible so that i can get my blacksmithing skilled ups as quickly as possible and get that over and done with so i wanted to compile a list of different ways and the quickest ways that you can actually obtain blood to sargeras as they are not actually tradable so the first thing that youd want to do is dungeons normal heroic or mythic. Id advise heroic those who mythic plus for the mode and actually drop on mythic plus.
But dungeon bosses seem to have a high drop trance to drop at least one or two yall. Got two here. And its a pretty consistent.

how to get blood of sargeras fast-0
how to get blood of sargeras fast-0

Way of just getting them. And doing dungeons as you go along. Now the next big piece of advice.
Id give you is to get a shoulder in chaunt called boon of the blood hunter. Ive already done a video about this item before when legion launched and this is something that i would really highly recommend. Its sold by the wardens that when you hit revered with them.
And this will apply the blood hunter inch on to your shoulder. And what this will do is this will grant you blood hunters quarry as you see here and these are looted bone random corpses just like most of the shoulder enchants and then it has a chance to drop between one to five bloods of sargeras. Oh i saved up a few over a few days.
And for i just open them up on a video here. Its just really satisfying to get one drop and then you open it and you get five bloods of sargeras for literally killing one mob. So its well worth the time getting now the thing you really want to be looking out for next our work orders these can be located in dalaran or in any of the five legion zones.

how to get blood of sargeras fast-1
how to get blood of sargeras fast-1

And you want to talk to the quartermaster. These will appear as a world quest and these are in relation to professions. They can be from fishing to just any of them and then you can hand in a certain number of materials and get bloods of sargeras in return and these can vary between one blood.
Like you see here up to ten bloods. Just for crafting an item or handing over some materials. So thats well worth it now the next thing.
Id recommend is using your gathering profession. Skinning mining. Herbalism.
So were going to look at skinning first and obviously. When youre skin. You have a chance to get a blood of sargeras drop and one of the best things to do if youre a skinner is falco sores.

how to get blood of sargeras fast-2
how to get blood of sargeras fast-2

They always seem to be dead. Theyre always skinnable and you can do that or if mining. Theres basilisks.
Which mostly appear in world quests or you can actually mine the ones in fel soul hold. But thats really up to you i dont think theyre very consistent. They dont really get many bloods of sargeras from doing your gathering professions.
Its more of a oh hey ive got one as i went along and not something i would use to actively farm. Although the falcons. I hear are a very good method if youre a skinner.
But thats pretty much all the methods. I have and thats it for this video and just to summarize. Id recommend doing dungeons make sure that your revered with the wardens.
Have your boon of the blood hunter inchon and just i would just suggest farm dungeons farm heroics or mythix if thats maybe more of what youre into but like i said thats all for this video be sure to subscribe for some more world of warcraft guides. And thank you very much for watching i will see you in the next video. .

how to get blood of sargeras fast-3
how to get blood of sargeras fast-3

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