November 25, 2020

WTF is Quantum Retrocausality? (ft. Physics Girl)

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All know if marty travels back into the past and messes with it he makes makes the biff timeline casual we all get it moral of the story. If you travel and mess with anything in the past you automatically mess with your future. But if marty was a quantum particle.
Maybe not so much from what we commonly understand. Time has one direction. And that direction is forward past present future but.
Physicists are playing with the theory of retrocausality . Which if real is the idea that the future can influence the past thats like if i spill coffee on my shirt tomorrow. But i will see the coffee stain on my shirt.
Today. Its kooky and is an idea that has been around for a long time. But it never caught on because why would it we live on a cause and effect timeline and the theory of retrocausality.

anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-0
anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-0

Didnt really fit. Until recently some physicists. Think accepting retrocausality can answer a lot of unanswered questions in quantum mechanics and deepen our understanding of spooky action at a distance .
Spooky action. Is what einstein called quantum entanglement back in the 1930s he thought. It was crazy that when two particles are created at the same time they can be linked together or entangled.
Even if they are then separated light years apart and according to quantum theory. Elementary particles like photons that are entangled have no definite state until they are measured by us by measuring the spin of say particle. A you automatically know the value of its entangled partner particle b.
This is because particle b. Is the opposite of whatever particle a was even. Though we didnt actually know what particle.

anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-1
anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-1

B was beforeand didnt observe the two particles exchange any signals when they were measured. Its spooky. But some theorists are thinking that instead of this just being a spooky occurrence.
The exchange of a and bs spins are caused by retrocausality the. Way some physicists see it if time symmetry exists . The idea that time looks the same going backward or forward.
Without any issue in physics. Then retrocausality would allow particle b to go backwards. In time when it does so it takes the spin to the moment.
It was created and therefore affected its entangled partner right. I know buuut how time flows is still up for debate. The second law of thermodynamics is thought to drive time as we experience it the law says says entropy must increase making time a symmetrical and retrocausality would break that law buuut no one has proved time must be symmetrical or able to move either forward or backward.

anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-2
anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-2

And until that day. Happens retrocausality isnt going so were not time. Traveling anytime.
Soon. The laws of thermodynamics are against us and retrocausality is difficult to test because we cant witness it in our everyday lives people are working on theories around quantum retrocausality. But its on the bleeding edge of the discipline.
Its pretty out there they believe if we can find evidence of retrocausality in quantum states that would be huge if it does exist we might be able to move particles through a dimension of time which would be like time travel and the first step to figuring it out is determining if it even exists in the first place if physicists do figure it out you know its going to be a mind melting. Explanation that i am 100 ready to surrender my brain to future. Me will hopefully come back to this exact moment.
And tell us all about it future you chimed in and wants to let you know you should subscribe for more videos. Because you like them one last thing. Some cosmologists say there are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of yous and us.
But only one where we beat thanos thanks for watching. .

anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-3
anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory-3

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