January 24, 2021

Xenoverse 2: The FASTEST way to level 90

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2 This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Xenoverse 2: The FASTEST way to level 90. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Music hello everybody king majin here bringing you another xenoverse video and this mission right right here called in the realm of gods vegeta. What i found is this is best quest in the game so far for leveling up. Its the expert mission located right above the high school on the left hand side.
Its the one you go to if you want to learn how to use super spirit bomb. It is a really great quest its also easy to win and this one gives you more points than any parallel quest. Any other expert mission.
This is the best quest for leveling up and what i usually do is i take a few friends with me you can bring six people you can bring two people. Thats what i usually do is i usually just find two other people. I use.
Ki blast. Like this and basically we use a strategy that i like hauling do come. New come.
Which is pretty self explanatory.

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-0
how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-0

We just parade a vegeta with super vanishing ball supernova a big bang coming ha. Me ha. If youre if you have a super scene.
This is a really great quest for leveling your character up there is no faster way to do it you can win this quest in two to three minutes. If you get the hang of it and just before making this video. I leveled a new character from level 0 to 85 and about i took about 3 hours.
But i wasnt even doing this plus over and over. But i mean in how if you if you really stayed on this quest you could probably have a level 85 character within two to two and a half hours. Thats how fast this quest is i mean.
Thats how many points this quest. Gives you to help level up your character. So if you have a character that you want to level up.
I strongly recommend you find two other friends with extremely high key blocks.

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-1
how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-1

There is the victory right there because no other quest gives you more points than this one. And this is the best one to do just bring the skills maximum charge super. Vanishing ball.
Cooler supernovae are possibly bigbang coming up mija or x 100. Whatever keep los skills. Do a lot of damage.
And also be sure to bring 40 tons training to boost your score one thing. Ive noticed about this is that the amount of xp you have to get between 85 and 90 is enormous so in other words. I started out at level 0.
Helping uh i figure which one of these guys i was helping. But i started it out with the character at level 0. And i got all the way up to level 85.
And he only leveled up three times he only got to level 88.

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-2
how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-2

And he was level 85. So that just tells you how much xp you are going to have to now get if you want to get up to level 90. Its a really big job to do and if you dont know how to get your character up to level 90.
Its pretty self explanatory. You have to have a character who has already gotten gurus house tore open. Which will probably more than likely be your main character like whenever i live on my character up to 85.
It did not let me in gurus house. But as soon as i use my main character which is lord ice rail here i i was able to get in no problem and now i can level up any character up to level 85. You only have to do that once so thats what i really like about that the thing.
I dont like about it is it takes forever to level up and you only get to attribute points. Even if you do manage to get to level 86 87. It only gives you two attribute points.
But you still get more points.

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-3
how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-3

You know in defense in attack. And just about everything just by leveling your character up so this is still the fastest quest to the fastest way to get that happen so if you have a character or multiple characters you want to get leveled up all the way just repeat this quest over and over just keep why youve indeed always have to me the heck is wrong with you vegeta. What did i do to you well yeah.
Thats another thing you might want to bring is uh attacks that ive homie and i know i had mentioned that earlier. But it like say if you dont have any of these attacks that im using now and you dont feel like churning with cooler and just getting the skill just like that you can also use dodoria launcher. Which is really gate great for holding vegeta in one place and having everybody else parade them with ultimate attacks.
Super spear bottoms another great skill one last thing you should also know is when youre leveling your character ill put all your points towards ki blast super and later use the dragon balls to change your stats believe me itll be worth it in the end. So. What the cheetahs already dead again and we still got three minutes to spare.
Now you may also be thinking about repeating the one with super saiyan blue goku. But im telling you this quest. Gives you even more points than goku gives you so if you have any questions about that let me know in the comments section below.
Ill try to answer you back as soon as possible and ill catch you in the next video peace .

how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-4
how to get to level 90 in xenoverse 2-4

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